Melania Trump ‘Still Has Her Accent Because She Didn’t Socialize Enough,’ Says Former Roommate

Alex BrandonAP Images

Someone else from Melania Trump’s past is sharing what life with the first lady was like long before she was famous. A former roommate of Melania’s reveals some of her memories at a time when they were both aspiring models.

Swedish model Victoria Silvestedt was Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1997. Page Six reports that Victoria once roomed with Melania Trump and she dished a few tidbits about their history.

According to Silvstedt, she was the one who liked to party and Melania avoided being the center of attention.

“She never wanted the attention. She was always very quiet,” Silvstedt told a source at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, according to Page Six.

If that’s true, it’s unusual for a model to evade the spotlight since that’s what their profession is all about. Interestingly, Victoria Silvstedt claims that Melania Trump still has her accent because she didn’t interact enough with others to lose it.

“Melania still has her accent because she doesn’t socialize enough to get rid of it,” Silvstedt said.

If there’s one thing all models share, it’s the hard work of staying so thin. The first lady manages to stay in peak condition at all times even though her modeling days are behind her. Silvstedt claimed that after she and Melania would eat a big meal, they would torch the calories with physical activity afterwards.

“When we used to eat fancy meals, we would run up and down the stairs of our building to work it off,” Silvstedt shared.

Victoria Silvstedt said the last time she saw Melania Trump was over a year ago.

A lot has been written about Trump’s accent, but she’s fluent in five languages — Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German. It’s not something an average, ordinary person does and it requires a great amount of skill to speak a number of different languages. Many have criticized Melania’s heavy accent, but many are also charmed by it.

The last time anyone from Melania Trump’s past spoke out was in the November 26 article published by Vanity Fair in which a source claimed that the former model never wanted to be first lady. The source, who was described as a “longtime friend of the Trumps’,” said Melania “didn’t want this come hell or high water.” The lengthy report made a number of allegations about Melania, to which she responded by stating that it was all false and that she embraced her role as the nation’s first lady. A few days later President Trump tweeted that his wife loves being first lady and is great at her job.

Every few months a new article emerges involving someone Melania Trump once knew who wants to fill the media in on their experience with her. It’s been apparent that the first lady views this as more of a nuisance than anything else.