General Hospital Spoilers: Is Drew Being Manipulated By Kim? Why Oscar’s Mother Shouldn’t Be Trusted

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew (Billy Miller) is about to deal with another bombshell from his past. Not only has he had his identity ripped away and his family shaken to the core, he will receive even more startling news that will have him evaluating his life once again. Kim (Tamara Braun) will call a meeting with Drew and Sam (Kelly Monaco) and tell them that Oscar (Garren Stitt) is his son. Not only will Drew take the news pretty hard, but General Hospital spoilers hint that the news will throw Sam for a loop. She has also had to deal with her life being thrown into disarray as more and more of Drew’s supposed past emerges.

General Hospital spoilers state that Kim will insist that Oscar is his biological son. She will tell Drew that when Oscar was conceived while he was still active as a Navy SEAL officer. Her reasons for not telling him that she was pregnant was simply because at the time Drew’s life revolved around his job and she didn’t want it to impact his career. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will tell Drew that she knew that a baby would never fit into the lifestyle that he was leading at that time. Added to that, she will contend that they had only been dating for a short while and that it would be better for her to raise the child by herself.

In 2013, Kim will claim that she changed her mind and decided that Drew did deserve to know that he fathered a son after all. She will tell Drew that she called the navy who told her that Drew had deserted. According to her, she had concerns that Drew might be hiding a dark side. General Hospital spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, states that Drew will reassure Kim that she acted correctly given the circumstances.

However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kim’s word cannot really be trusted. If Drew is really Oscar’s father, why keep him a secret from her son? It’s also obvious that all the bits of information she has gathered she could have garnered from talking to Carly (Laura Wright) or Liz (Rebecca Herbst). When first cornered by Oscar to reveal his father’s identity, she was very cagey and almost scared? Is Drew a convenient scapegoat or does she know more than she is letting on? One thing is certain, Kim has an agenda, and that agenda seems to include manipulating Drew.

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