‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3 for 2018: Reiner’s Darkest Secret Finally Revealed?

Attack on Titan Season 3 is finally coming and there are new explosives on the way. The latest chapter is out and fans are ecstatic about the new issue.

The 100th issue is a milestone for creator Hajime Isayama, and not only did it set the tone for how we will be viewing the anime on television, but it also gives us a deeper, richer background on the characters, most especially Reiner. According to ComicBook, the new chapter follows the events after Eren spoke with Reiner. In the anime version, the season ended with Eren being taken away by Reiner and the other titans.

Their relationship has had its ups and downs. Before Eren found out Reiner was a titan, he admired him because he was one of the most hard-working men in their team. However, when Reiner’s secret was revealed, all he wanted to do was to kill him, thus the massive fight during the last parts of Season 2.

Going back to the 100th issue, Eren has a more open mind with regard to Reiner’s intentions. He asked why he was not able to protect his mother, but he also said that he understands it better now. Eren was simply trying to dig deeper into Reiner to discover what his real intentions are.

However, Reiner exploded. He told Eren that he was wrong about everything. Reiner admitted it was his fault that Marcel was eaten and that he was the one who forced Annie and Berthold to continue the mission.

“I wanted to become a hero! To be looked up as an elder brother figure. I wanted to be respected by someone.”

Reiner then succumbed to the realization that he just wanted to die. He begged Eren to kill him.

In the past, Reiner also had suicidal thoughts. After his long journey, even with Eren by their side, there seemed to be no answer to it all. But it is yet to be known if Eren would grant him his wishes or if they would continue to move forward with Willy Tybur’s cause.

Tybur wanted to start a war, ComicBook notes. For Tybur, it was simply a battle for survival. Will they die or will the others?

Eren watched Tybur’s declaration of war in hiding, but there are only clues as to what Eren will do. If he fights with them, will he need Reiner?


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