Mama June Has A New Man, Joining Her Own Beauty Pageants

Mama June is coming back to television once again and fans can’t wait for it. Her show, Mama June: From Not to Hot, is coming back for a second season. E! Online shared the details about what is going to be happing when the show returns. Mama June is still looking great and she also has a new man in her life.

Last season on the show, fans saw Mama June lose 300 pounds and get her life back. There was speculation that there wouldn’t be any reason for another season of the show, but they did one anyway. Some fans thought that it could be about her daughters trying to lose weight, but that isn’t the route that they went. It seems like it is just more of an update on the family. June will also be doing her own beauty pageants instead of entering her daughter.

On the upcoming season, Sugar Bear and his new wife, Jennifer, are back and they want to be part of their daughter’s life. Mama June has moved on from him, and she has a new man in her life, but this is a mystery guy and so far they aren’t sharing who it is, but the fans want to know. Fans will have to wait for the new season for this to be revealed.

There will be a new baby this season, but it isn’t Mama June who will be having a baby. Her daughter, Lauryn, aka Pumpkin, is pregnant with her first child. This is going to be an interesting twist to the entire show. Her boyfriend, Josh, is going to end up moving into the house with them, which is going to be difficult for everyone.

The fans are going to have to wait to see who Mama June is dating, but with all of the speculation, it seems like everyone might know him already. June had a good friend on the show last year and then, of course, there is her trainer, with whom she gets along with so well.

Don’t miss the new season of Mama June: From Not to Hot when it starts airing in January on WEtv. The new season starts on January 12.

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