‘Longmire’ Season 7 Renewal: What Stories Could Be Told If Series Continued

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Talks of Longmire being picked up for another season linger on as some fans can’t accept the fact that their favorite series has come to an end. Fans continue to hope that they’ll get to see the story continue on, even after it was already confirmed that Season 6 was the last. But if Longmire were to continue for Season 7 or get renewed, what would it be like?

Longmire is based on author Craig Johnson’s mystery novels telling the story of Walt Longmire, a sheriff in the fictional county of Absaroka in Wyoming. The latest novel released is in 2017, titled The Western Star. This only shows that Walt Longmire has more adventures ahead and the series could have continued on with more source material to base on.

Spoiler Alert: The section below may contain spoilers from Longmire Season 6, the final season.

Carter Matt shares some of the events in two of the most important characters’ lives that could have transpired if Longmire Season 7 came to fruition. For Walt, played by Robert Taylor, the end of the series showed him retiring from his duties as the sheriff. But that doesn’t mean that Walt’s journey ends there. Hanging his sheriff badge could also mean that there are other ways for him to contribute to society, the news outlet stated.

Had the series continued on for Season 7, it is speculated that Walt would carry his own investigation on crimes that happen in the county. In that case, he would be working independently and he would set his own rules. There’s also the fact that he and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) decided to live together. A new season of Longmire would be great to explore the lives of these two characters together.

Vic could also be a much more important person in the sheriff department as she would likely carry on Walt’s legacy. In the finale, Vic may have miscarried but she came back stronger, especially since she needs to be that for her career. After a hard day at work, it would also be nice to see her come home to Walt.

Fans continue to hope to see more of Longmire.
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Fans would love to see what Longmire Season 7 would be like, but unfortunately, that was the end of the Netflix series. However, the future looks bright as talks of a movie have become rampant in the past months. Robert Taylor himself revealed that a Longmire movie is being discussed — the details of which have yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, fans who can’t get enough of Longmire should look forward to the month of August in 2018 as dates for the Longmire Days have already been revealed. The Buffalo Chamber of Commerce has announced via email that Johnson had set the dates, Sheridan Media reported. Fans should mark Aug. 10, 11, and 12 on their calendars to get their Longmire fix. Details may be scarce for now and more will be announced soon, but it is expected that Robert Taylor, Adam Bartley, and A. Martinez are among the actors who will make an appearance at the event.