’90 Day Fiance’ Season 5 Ep 9 Recap: Evelyn & David Talk About Sex, Josh & Aika Discuss His Vasectomy

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The explosive drama continues on 90 Day Fiance Season 5, as the six couples get nearer to their K1 visa deadline. Last night’s episode picked up from where the show left off last week–Nicole and Azan’s violent fight and Molly and Luis’ wild bachelorette/bachelor parties.

Nicole & Azan

After their huge blow-up last week, Nicole and Azan managed to calm down separately. Nicole talked to her mother via Skype, while Azan ran to his aunt for some advice.

Azan’s aunt married an Italian and lived in Italy for a long time, so he feels that she would best understand a cross-cultural relationship. She seems to look at Nicole and Azan’s situation objectively and tells Azan that he needs to respect her more.

Molly & Luis

Molly was reeling that Luis came home late from his wild bachelor party. However, Luis is unapologetic. He also deliberately omitted the information that his bachelor party involved strippers.

The 26-year-old bartender from the Dominican Republic misses his life in his country, and he feels that he’s not ready to be a stepdad to Molly’s daughters.

Evelyn & David

Evelyn and David previously stated that they’ve both decided not to sleep together until their wedding night. Evelyn, only 18 years old, is still a virgin. Now that her wedding is coming up, her mom decided to give her a “sex talk.”

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Evelyn wants her first night with David to be extra-special, so she goes shopping for a lingerie with her friend, Mikayla. She was uneasy at first, but she went through every aisle with fascination, choosing a pink lacy piece that’s both cute and revealing.

“When I walked in the store, everything looks beautiful and neat…All this stuff is meant for sex! I actually have a purpose for this stuff very soon!”

Evelyn confessed that she’s nervous about her wedding night and she feels sad that David doesn’t seem concerned about it. According to TLC, David doesn’t want to talk about sex with Evelyn because he thinks that it’s a subject meant to be discussed with their pastor.

Elizabeth & Andrei

Andrei went golfing with Elizabeth’s dad. He’s obviously nervous because it’s his first time playing the sport–and because he knows that his future father-in-law does not approve of him. Elizabeth’s dad pointed out that all of Elizabeth’s sisters have married rich men. He’s also disappointed that Andrei did not ask his permission to marry his daughter. Because of this, he’s decided that he will not shell out any money for their wedding.

Elizabeth and Andrei talked about their wedding and finances. They realized that they have to cut down on expenses since they’re paying for everything. However, Elizabeth wants to have three weddings: one for 90 Day Fiance, another one in Moldova for Andrei’s family, and her dream “winter wedding.”

David & Annie

Last week, a drunk David started an ugly fight with his friend, Nicky, and her brother Antonio. After sobering up, he apologized to Nicky, but she told him to deal with his drinking problem.

Apparently, Nicky and her husband, Chris, are more involved in David’s life than what had been previously revealed. Aside from letting David and Annie stay in their house for free, Chris is actually Annie’s visa co-sponsor. This means that he’s also financially responsible for her for at least 10 years.

Meanwhile, David took Annie to Kentucky to meet his children.

Josh & Aika

Over dinner, Josh and Aika discussed their future. Aika definitely wants to have children, but Josh tells her that he’s had a vasectomy. Aika told him to have it reversed, or else she doesn’t think their relationship could move forward. Josh mulls over his fiance’s ultimatum.

“I want to get married. And children. If not, then I’m seriously out of your life.”

90 Day Fiance Season 5 airs every Sunday, 9 p.m. on TLC.