Royal Honeymoon Down Under? Australian Itinerary For Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has been invited to honeymoon in Australia with Meghan Markle by an Australian minister, who also made suggestions for the royal’s bachelor party.

Australia’s Trade and Tourism Minister, Steven Ciobo, tweeted he had invited the prince Down Under. Ciobo said he wrote to the royal, to congratulate him on the engagement to Meghan Markle and offered the services of Tourism Australia for celebrations. While offering suggestions, the minister said his country would design an itinerary for the couple, should they decide to visit.

“Having previously visited Australia, Prince Harry is no doubt aware of the amazing experiences we have to offer. From the world’s best beaches and endless coastlines, to the vast and ancient landscapes of the interior to our vibrant cites and thriving food and wine scene, Australia has it all.”

Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement was announced earlier this week. The couple is scheduled to wed May next year, Kensington Palace announced. Ever since, talk about possible destinations for the royal honeymoon has only grown louder, having been around even before the couple announced its engagement. Last November, the Prime Minister of Antigua left Harry red-faced when, in a gathering, he suggested to the prince that his country was an ideal honeymoon destination.

Throwing his hat in the ring, the Australian tourism minister said he offered Prince Harry Australia’s luxury lodges – Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania and Longitude 131 in the Northern Territory, where Prince William and Kate Middleton have stayed, besides the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island, as possible honeymoon getaways.

If not to honeymoon, the minister sought to entice the prince to visit Australia for his bachelor party in the wilds of the country’s Northern Territory or experience adventure on Queensland’s Gold Coast. According to The Telegraph, the minister suggested that Harry and his friends can go on a “helicopter-crawl” of the country’s iconic pubs.

“These are just recommendations, I told Prince Harry Tourism Australia stands ready to work with him and Ms. Markle to design an itinerary to their tastes. Australia would be honored to welcome Prince Harry and Ms. Markle to celebrate some small part of their wedding with us in Australia. Our tourism operators, and the nation, would welcome them with open arms.”

While a honeymoon announcement seems distant in time now as the couple has not announced a wedding date yet, several destinations continue to be touted as likely choices. Botswana is being billed as one of the destinations, thanks to diamonds that were reportedly sourced by the royal from the African country, for Meghan Markle’s engagement ring. Prince Harry has also made numerous visits to the country. Other worthy candidates include the Norwegian Fjords, where the couple spent their first holiday, Italy, and Switzerland, according to the Mirror.

Prince Harry last visited Australia for the launch of Invictus Games 2018, in June. Despite being among the largest of the Commonwealth Realms, second only to Canada in size, an Australian honeymoon looks unlikely, given Harry and Meghan Markle as his wife, are expected to be at the games in October next year.

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