Bethenny Frankel Angry With Major Relief Organizations: ‘I’m Getting Pissed Off’

Bethenny Frankel may be filming the newest season of The Real Housewives of New York these days, but that’s not where she’s currently putting her energy. The cameras are following her around wherever she goes, and she’s been spending a lot of time flying back and forth between New York, Miami, and Puerto Rico. Unlike many charitable organizations, Bethenny has been raising money and donating supplies to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit the island over two months ago. Bethenny is often on the ground, and she reveals that she hasn’t seen much help from the organizations that claim to be helping.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that her own organization, B Strong, has done a lot of work. She’s reaching places on the island where no help has reached, and she’s sharing all of her experiences with her Twitter fans. On Twitter, Bethenny has previously called out major organizations that have received major financial donations from people, and none of that money has supposedly reached the island. While Bethenny isn’t calling people out by name, she is revealing that people are still in need, and people should donate to charities that are actually helping with hurricane relief.

“There are 78 provinces in PRico. We’ve visited more than 1/2 the island w relief & cash cards & without exception we’re told no one is visiting & they’re not getting the publicized relief raised #BStrong,” Bethenny revealed on Twitter, sharing that there are areas of the island where no charitable donation has offered help.

When asked about where the money is going, Frankel explained, “Administrative costs. My hand to GOD every single person in over 400 churches @ 35 communities says they have seen ZERO of publicized BS relief.”

She also added, “And now I’m getting pissed off. People see our trucks & pull off the road begging for water. They are still at the no water stage 68 days later.”

Bethenny Frankel is upset because she keeps reading about organizations that are doing something great for Puerto Rico when she’s on the ground. She’s not seeing anyone helping out from these organizations. About a month ago, one of her followers asked her to name these organizations, but Bethenny didn’t mention any names. It’s possible that she doesn’t want to get into legal trouble. Instead, she revealed that people should be skeptical of organizations that have big names attached to them, including celebrity endorsement. For now, Bethenny will continue to share her journey on social media, even though other companies and organizations may take advantage of people’s generous donations.

Bethenny Frankel has been flying back and forth to Puerto Rico. One can imagine she will discuss her relief efforts on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York. It is scheduled to air this spring.

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