WWE News: Former Intercontinental Champion Will Return To WWE If One Condition Is Met

Usually, Vince McMahon is the one who wants to bring wrestlers into WWE and give them a contract, but there are some out there who believe they have the right to make demands of him. Ken Shamrock is a former WWE superstar and UFC fighter who is 53-years-old and hasn’t been in McMahon’s promotion since 1999. Now, he’s ready for his return to the company, but the former Intercontinental Champion has one condition that needs to be met first.

Since parting ways with WWE, Ken Shamrock has spent time on the independent scene and also in TNA Impact Wrestling. He also returned to UFC as a fighter and as a teacher/trainer, but he doesn’t appear to be done in the wrestling ring and is ready to head back to WWE.

This past weekend at WrestleCade, Shamrock was a guest on The Delz Show, and he decided to talk about a possible return to WWE. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Shamrock said he is more than willing to get back in the ring, but he wants his one demand to be met.

One shouldn’t be surprised by his demands but challenging Brock Lesnar isn’t necessarily the smartest idea in the world.

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Yes, Shamrock wants to take on the top guy, and he wants the WWE Universal Championship that is currently held by Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw.

“In the WWF, or the WWE as they call it now, the one thing that I was not able to capture was that Heavyweight belt. I’m telling you, I want a chance to be able to go after that belt but only if Brock Lesnar has it, or The Rock has it or Kurt Angle has it.”

A feud with The Rock wouldn’t be anything new as Shamrock did that during his first run in WWE, but the other names he mentioned are quite interesting. Shamrock has never faced off with Lesnar or Kurt Angle, and the chance is now there on Raw with both on the roster.

“I want the ankle match with Kurt Angle… or I want Brock to see who is the best from MMA and pro wrestling. Of course, it would be me. And The Rock, because he ran away from me after I grabbed the Intercontinental Championship from him [Shamrock won his only Intercontinental title in a tournament after the title was vacated]. Then he went up to get the [WWE Championship] belt and I was supposed to go after that, and he ran away!”

Brock Lesnar has dominated the scene for the last few years in WWE, and he’s held onto the Universal Championship for more than half of a year now. Kurt Angle is the General Manager of Monday Night Raw and has recently returned to the ring. Still, it doesn’t matter who is on the roster, Ken Shamrock is will to head back to WWE, but he only wants to face off with the man holding the top title belt.

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