‘One Piece’ Chapter 887: Luffy Won’t Exploit Katakuri’s Weakness, May Awaken & Develop New Technique

Luffy is predicted to become even more powerful in the coming One Piece Chapter 887. During an intense fight against the Sweet Commander Katakuri, facing the powerful opponent will force the Straw Hat captain to finally level up, perhaps via awakening. In addition, there are predictions saying that Luffy might even develop a new technique during the battle; a technique that will raise his battle skills on par with his opponent.

Luffy Discovers Katakuri’s Weakness

One of the most interesting developments introduced by Chapter 886 of the One Piece manga series, which is already available on a number of sites such as Mangastream, is that previous speculations about Katakuri are correct – the Sweet Commander actually has a weakness. In fact, if Luffy decides to take advantage of a weakness of Katakuri’s technique, it could completely turn the battle to his favor.

While Katakuri is indeed strong, his greatest advantage in the battlefield is actually his observation haki. With the ability to peek a few moments into the future, it ensures that he will always know how to perfectly counter whatever attack coming his way, essentially making him invincible.

But Luffy is smart enough to deduce that even Katakuri’s exceptional observation haki has its limits because haki gets used up. As their battle drags on, a time will eventually come when Katakuri observation haki becomes weaker; the perfect time for Luffy to launch a surprise attack. Even Brulee had to agree with Luffy’s assessment and even commented that the Straw Hat captain is not as stupid as he looks when it comes to fighting.

But there is just one problem. Luffy, despite realizing that Katakuri’s observation would get weaker, does not actually plan on using the knowledge to gain an advantage over his opponent. In fact, the Straw Hat captain is adamant that he wants to defeat the Sweet Commander while the latter is at his full power.

Luffy Could Level Up Via Awakening, Develops New Power

At Luffy’s current power level, however, facing a fully powered Katakuri could be disastrous. In fact, he is aware that the difference in their power levels is just too great and the only way for him to defeat the strongest of the Sweet Commanders is to level up.

Of course, fans have been trying to predict just how Luffy might able to defeat Katakuri. As stated in a previous Inquisitr article, fans have been putting forth different scenarios as to how this might happen, which includes the development of a new Gear 4th technique effective against Katakuri or even going to a whole new level by coming up with an all-new Gear 5th attack. But based on the hints dropped by the previous chapter, it looks like Oda and his team is planning for Luffy to undergo awakening to address the power level difference.

In the previous chapter, a flashback was introduced where Luffy remembered his mentor Rayleigh telling him that the true power of haki can only be harnessed and developed under the extreme life and death conditions of a real battle. Thus, Luffy does not want to fight a weakened Katakuri because he knows that he can only get stronger by facing powerful fighters. With this in mind, it appears that Luffy might experience a breakthrough via awakening during his fight with the Sweet Commander, which may already happen in One Piece Chapter 887.

But awakening is not actually the only way for Luffy to subdue Katakuri. According to Comicbook, Luffy is going to develop his own observation haki during his fight with the Sweet Commander and will eventually achieve the ability to see five to 10 seconds into the future. With this new ability, the fight between Luffy and Katakuri is going to get even more explosive.

One Piece manga Chapter 887 will be released sometime this week. Stay tuned for updates.

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