Which ’90 Day Fiance’ Season 5 Couple Gets Married? The Clues & Everything We Know So Far [Spoilers]

90 Day Fiance Season 5 has yet to reach its conclusion but many spoilers have already emerged online, dropping hints as to which couple gets to tie the knot for fans of the popular TLC documentary series.

During the fifth season of the show, six couples that include Elizabeth and Andrei, Evelyn and David, Josh and Aika, Molly and Luis, Nicole and Azan, and David and Annie agreed to have their journey to marriage documented during the 90-day duration set by United States law for K-1 Visa holders. Sharing both the good and the bad times, each couple had their fair share of challenges including ones that are common in cross-race relationships.

Now, it seems like there have been several wedding band sightings and other hints that suggest which 90 Day Fiance Season 5 couples get married after all they have been through.

Molly and Luis

Based on a previous report from the Inquisitr, there is a big chance that 41-year-old Molly Hopkins and her fiance from the Dominican Republic, Luis Mendez Rosa, were able to get married on July 20, less than a month after the 26-year-old arrived in the United States. Molly and Luis are now legally married per court documents gathered by Starcasm.

David and Annie

90 Day Fiance Season 5 Couple Annie and David May Have Already Tied The Knot If Rumors Are To Be Believed

90 Day Fiance spoilers from Reality Blurb suggests that 24-year-old Annie Suwan from Thailand gets to marry 49-year-old David Toborowsky after all despite previous speculations cited by the Inquisitr that she may have called off their engagement after seeing her fiance’s booze-fueled behavior.

As it turns out, the outlet was able to obtain an actual wedding image showing Annie dressed in a white wedding dress and a veil and David in a black tuxedo with camera crews preparing on the background. Based on the report, the two said their vows on November 1 in an event that was captured by TLC.

Another clue cited by the outlet is a picture of the couple with Shaun Robinson who is hosting the show’s reunion special for Season 5. Apparently, fans noticed that David’s left ring finger was adorned with a wedding ring.

Josh and Aika

90 Day Fiance Couple Josh and Aika Join The Married Couples of the TLC Series Based On Recent Rumors Swirling Around

At the beginning of the season, fans strongly believed that Arizona’s 43-year-old Josh Batterson and 36-year-old Aika from the Philippines may be the new Jorge and Anfisa in 90 Day Fiance at some point because of the Asian beauty’s apparent love for material gifts.

There has also been a report from Reality Blurb suggesting Josh’s shady past that is decorated with several criminal records, including domestic violence and DUI charges.

Even so, the couple reportedly tied the knot on September 7 based on official court documents obtained by Starcasm. This is on top of clues in the images they shared on social media where one or both of them can be seen wearing a wedding band.

Evelyn and David

There had been very little information on Evelyn and David 90 Day Fiance couple but Starcasm suggested in a report that they too have tied the knot. Citing photos of friends and family, the outlet believed that the couple exchanged vows around October 21.

Unfortunately, there is no official court document that can back this up since New Hampshire laws don’t allow recent marriage records on the public domain and TLC is putting a cork in wedding photos, if there are some, per the report.

Elizabeth and Andrei

As for Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet, Starcasm was able to get a copy of their marriage license filed in Florida on October 2. The outlet was also able to confirm that the license took effect three days later, supporting speculations that they may have already tied the knot on October 5.

But while information presented may sound convincing, fans are advised to take all these with a grain of salt until official word comes out.

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