‘One Piece’ Episode 815 Spoilers: Pudding Reveals Secret To Luffy And Nami

One Piece Episode 815 is shaping up to be one eventful installment of Eiichiro Oda’s hit anime. Pudding finally visited the imprisoned Nami and Luffy, but there are speculations that her meek and saintly appearance is just a mask and that the real Pudding will be revealed in the coming episode. Meanwhile, it appears that some of the Straw Hats are finally making their move; Pedro is spreading chaos everywhere with his bombs.

Pudding Reveals Terrible Secret

One Piece Episode 814, which may be viewed online on Crunchyroll, introduced a number of exciting developments to the anime series’ plot. For instance, a teary-eyed Pudding visited Luffy and Pudding, who are currently imprisoned inside Big Mom’s Library, and revealed that Sanji has finally proposed to her. In addition, Pudding was being her good-natured and meek self all the time, apologizing for the treatment Luffy and Pudding received from Big Mom’s forces.

However, not everyone is buying her act, with a number of fans speculating that all could just be a facade. It is possible that lurking beneath the saintly Pudding is someone as sinister as Big Mom herself.

In fact, Pudding just might reveal this surprising side in the coming Episode 815 of the One Piece anime series. In the brief preview, which may be viewed below, Pudding is seen inside the Library Prison whispering something to Luffy. Judging from Luffy’s surprised reaction, it is something that even shocked the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain.

What could Pudding possibly say to Luffy that could shock him? Of course, it is possible that Pudding might have said something that could help Luffy and Nami’s current predicament. On the other hand, it is equally possible that she might have revealed something so terrifying that it had Luffy dumbfounded.

Big Mom’s decision to marry Pudding to Sanji was not done out of the goodness of her heart; she wants something that the Vinsmokes currently possess. Thus, Pudding could just be a tool, and most likely a willing one at that, used by Big Mom to implement her plan. As for Pudding’s exact role in Big Mom’s plans, one can only speculate at the moment.

Will Brook Get The Poneglyph?

Meanwhile, Pedro and Brook’s teamwork is working like clockwork. With Pedro using his explosives to maximal effect, Big Mom’s forces were caught surprised, the resulting chaotic situation inside Big Mom’s castle was enough for Brook to slip inside the treasure room.

Of course, Brook’s ultimate target is the Poneglyph inside, which could guide them to Raftel Island. But it appears that Brook might just run out of luck in One Piece 815. In the preview, it appears that the Yonko will personally get involved this time and barge into the treasure room to deal with Brook. Will he be able to escape the powerful Yonko and acquire the Poneglyhp at the same time?

One Piece Episode 815 will be released later this week. Stay tuned for updates.


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