Is LeeAnne Locken Leaving ‘RHOD’ Or Not? Producers Are Looking To Keep Series Alive

LeeAnne Locken has promoted the upcoming season reunion a lot on her Twitter account, and the second part of the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion airs tonight. LeeAnne has revealed that she feels attacked by her co-stars over the drama that played out this season. Even though Locken has revealed she has received anger management after filming the first season of the show, her co-stars don’t believe it has worked.

Fans have been curious about LeeAnne’s decision to return to the show, as she didn’t have many friends left. However, now that Locken is engaged, she may be thinking about leaving everything behind to focus on her relationship. She has revealed that they are planning a wedding, and she’s excited about the future. Plus, she wants to focus her energy on charity, as this is an important part of her life.

Interestingly, fans are in love with LeeAnne this year, and many want her to continue filming the show. Some have even said that the show wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Locken and her antics. However, it sounds like fans are left confused. Locken recently revealed she would be leaving the show, but now a blogger from Dallas confirms that Bravo is looking for new housewives for Season 3. In addition, the blogger is convinced LeeAnne Locken will return even though she herself has hinted she’s leaving.

“Yes, it’s true. #RHOD is looking for new ‘Wives for S3. Will they be additions? Or replacements?! Time will tell. Know any good candidates? DM me your suggestions… I have the Casting Directors ear,” a local Dallas blogger wrote on Twitter, adding the following statement to a fan who revealed that LeeAnne Locken was the entire show.

“LeeAnne isn’t going anywhere. You can take that to the bank.”

It sounds like this blogger is very convinced that LeeAnne is staying on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Maybe she will receive a bigger paycheck for the third season, as the second season was a huge hit. Perhaps Bravo is looking to replace some of the newer additions. Brandi Redmond has also hinted that perhaps reality television isn’t for her, as she has been criticized for various things she’s said. As for LeeAnne’s comment, she revealed she wouldn’t be there if another season was ordered by Bravo.

“I won’t be there!” LeeAnne replied to a fan on Twitter asking about the next season, adding in a separate tweet about her charity work, “My ONLY focus and my wedding!!!”

So, is she leaving or not? It’s hard to say, and it is possible that the third season premiere episode will reveal all. What do you think about the blogger claiming that LeeAnne Locken wouldn’t leave The Real Housewives of Dallas even though LeeAnne herself has said she would on Twitter?

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