‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Spoilers: Is Rick Grimes A Monster? Andrew Lincoln And Co-EP Answer Question

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers teased that some would wonder if Rick Grimes was a hero or villain. That moment arrived when Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) suddenly turned up alive. Not only did he survive, but he was a proud member of Team Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as well. So, is Rick really a monster like the Saviors believe? Actor Andrew Lincoln and co-executive producer Denise Huth answered that question, according to AMC‘s latest blog post.

Some people feel that Morales’ return was “pointless.” It may seem like that on the surface, but there was a reason for the comeback. He would force Rick to take a good look at himself and the things he has done. It would make him realize just how much he has changed since the beginning. It would be a reminder that those who start off as friends don’t necessarily end up that way. It was also just one of several references to the past, some of which fans have already seen.

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers revealed that Rick and Negan are more alike than either man wants to admit. The same can be said for the Saviors. However, Rick Grimes just can’t believe that about himself.

“One minute the anti-hero can be the hero and the hero the anti-hero.”

Co-executive producer Denise Huth also chimed in about Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. Season 8 spoilers reveal that he is still a good man. He’s just a little tougher.

“Rick still has that core goodness in him. But he’s a ferocious survivor now.”

Fans are divided on the issue. For those who watch the show, they have only seen one side. Viewers have not been given any looks into how Rick’s attack may have seemed unprovoked to Negan and the Saviors. If someone were to meet Rick without knowing the history, like Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) did at one time, he would seem like a monster. In fact, Gabriel warned Alexandria about Rick’s group when they first arrived.

Of course, Gabriel would later find out that there was a reason for Rick’s behavior. This same thing can be said for the Saviors. In their mind, Rick attacked the Sanctuary and killed their men for no reason. To them, Negan had to send a strong message or they could all end up dead. If the situation was reversed, Rick would be telling his people the same exact thing.

The only difference is that Rick and Negan have different leadership styles. However, Negan’s brutality is explained in the comic books. It was necessary in order to get the Saviors under control. They were doing some unspeakable things, and in a way, Negan became a hero.


What do you think about Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead? Is he a monster or is he the hero? Perhaps it is a little bit of both?

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