Why ‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Remains Unmarried, While Her Younger Sisters Start Families

For most people, being 27 and unmarried is not that big of a deal, but when you are a member of Counting On stars the Duggar family, the expectation is to be at least engaged, if not already married with children. Jana Duggar’s younger sisters all got married around the age of 21, and her sister, Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth, courted, got engaged, got married, and got pregnant all within the last year. But Jana is still living at home and sharing a room with her sisters who are under 12. What are the reasons the oldest Duggar daughter is still single?

From the sensible to the absurd, In Touch Weekly shared all of the theories as to why Jana has not moved out of her parents’ home yet, the most popular being that she is being held “hostage” by Jim Bob and Michelle. The Duggar house uses a buddy system, where the older siblings take care of the younger ones, and Jana has been taking care of most of them since they were babies. Many fans believe she is still at home, so she can continue to take care of the younger Duggars.

Another fan theory is that Jana is secretly a lesbian. Since one out of 10 people is gay, it would make sense that at least one of the 19 kids in the Duggar house would swing the other way. But, because of their strict religion and their stance on homosexuality, Jana remains single and won’t come out.


Some believe that Jana is being smart and waiting until her 30s to get married, so she has fewer children. It is common in the Duggar house to be married and having kids while in your early 20s, but Jana may not want that lifestyle and has elected to wait and do things differently than the rest of her family.

It is also possible that Jana is trying to lay low and stay out of the spotlight because when a Duggar gets married and has babies, it’s a big deal. The oldest Duggar sister may just not have any interest in getting married on TV, and therefore is trying to wait until the Counting On cameras aren’t following her around all the time.


Of course, it is most likely that Jana is still single because she hasn’t met the right guy yet. She comes across as being quite shy and not as outgoing as some of her other sisters, so it might be harder for her to meet a man.

Or maybe Jana just has no interest in leaving her family’s home anytime soon. She may have no interest in getting married and want to live life her own way. If she is content with her life at home, who are we to judge?


Tell us! Why do you think Counting On star Jana Duggar has remained single all this time? Let us know in the comments below.

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