‘One Piece’ Chapter 884 Spoilers: Katakuri Regains Evasion Ability, Praline Disables Territorial Sea Slugs

One Piece Chapter 884 is yet to be released but spoilers are already surfacing the web. The upcoming chapter will be featuring a glimpse of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. It will mainly focus on Sanji and Charlotte Pudding, who are currently making the wedding cake for Big Mom.

The previous One Piece chapter showed the intense fight between Luffy and Katakuri. After freeing himself in the Mochi Wall, Luffy saw Katakuri in a room where he’s eating his snack. Everyone was surprised to see the real appearance of the sweet commander. Katakuri got mad and lost his cool.

For the first time, Luffy managed to land a clean hit and said that he already knew the secret of Katakuri’s power. The Strawhat Pirates captain used Gear 4th and launched a powerful attack against the enemy. It was revealed that Katakuri’s ability to slightly predict the future was based on his calmness.

Luffy realized it after seeing Katakuri angry. In One Piece Chapter 884, the sweet commander will manage to control his emotion and regain his evasion ability. As expected, Luffy is unable to connect once again. However, he already knows what to do to defeat his opponent. Luffy will surely do something to make Katakuri angry again and unleash a powerful attack to finally defeat him.


One Piece Chapter 884 will be focusing more on the creation of the wedding cake for Big Mom. Pound, the giant buried guy in the Seducing Woods, went to see Chiffon but was beaten by Big Mom’s fourth son, Charlotte Oven. Sanji and Pudding ignored the ongoing commotion and remained focus on making the wedding cake.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Praline and the Sun Pirates are currently guarding their location. Praline is the 21st daughter of Big Mom and the wife of Aladine, a comrade of Jinbe. With the help of her captivating voice, Praline managed to disable all the Territorial Sea Slugs, a device used by the Big Mom Pirates to track anyone inside the Whole Cake Island.

Sanji and Pudding are currently making the wedding cake in the sea. Disabling the Territorial Sea Slugs will prevent the enemy from disturbing them or capturing Sanji and Chiffon. The only way to stop Big Mom from her tantrum is to give her what she wants. Once she eats the wedding cake, she could possibly stop from chasing the Strawhat Pirates and let them escape for the time being. However, aside from that, Luffy must find a way to successfully defeat Katakuri.

One Piece Chapter 884 will be released on November 6 and will be available on Mangastream and other manga websites.

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