Log In To ‘GTA Online’ For Free Cash And Clothes To Celebrate Four Years Of Multiplayer Mayhem

After four years of operation, Rockstar Games’ online option for Grand Theft Auto V is still prospering. GTA Online updates nearly every week with new sales and promotions, major updates release almost every other month, and new items are constantly being added. To celebrate the fourth anniversary of GTA Online, players can log in now to receive a gift of $400,000 in GTA cash.

Players need only log in to GTA Online before November 6 to quality for their free money. The money is not rewarded immediately. Instead, the cash will be delivered after November 6, but before November 13. It will appear directly in players’ Maze Bank accounts, which can be located via the in-game internet. Players will likely see a notification when logging in after the money is deposited into their accounts.

The boon of currency is just part of the revelry, though. Many properties are 30 percent off though October 30, too. According to the Rockstar Games website, biker clubhouses, bunkers, hangars, and vehicle warehouses are on sale. A number of aircraft, cars, motorcycles, and weaponized vehicles are also 30 percent off for a limited time. Select vehicles include, but are not limited to, the Ocelot Penetrator, the Pegassi Vortex, and the Runier 2000.

Get free GTA Online cash for playing, unlock the new Vigilante car
The free cash will be delivered in November. [Image by Rockstar Games]

Citizens of San Andreas can also enjoy a new Adversary Mode, double earnings opportunities, and free Halloween T-shirts as well. The Condemned Adversary Mode is worth double RP and cash right now. In this GTA Online PvP mode, one player is marked for death and the only way to live is to pass it on to another player. The last player standing is the victor. Players can also earn double RP and cash from Smuggler’s Sell Missions through November 6. Not to mention, associates and bodyguards can earn double salaries for a limited time, too.

Select masks are 25 percent off, just in time for Halloween, and players can unlock special T-shirts by simply logging in. The Cheerleader Massacre 3 shirt, the Knife After Dark shirt, and the Zombie shirt will be added to players’ clothing options after booting up the game. Finally, the new rocket-propelled Vigilante car is now available from Warstock Cache & Carry. This Grotti super car is clearly inspired by the caped crusader and costs nearly $3.8 million to match.

Players can try out the Vigilante in the new Inferno Transform Race. As the Inquisitr reported, Transform Races are a new style of GTA Online stunt races that lets players switch vehicles at certain checkpoints in the race.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]