‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patient 6 Assures Sonny Of His Loyalty, More Clues Point Out Billy Miller Is Drew

General Hospital spoilers tease more exciting episodes in the upcoming weeks. Sonny (Maurice Benard) bumped into Patient 6 (Steve Burton), and their reunion was heart-stopping. Sonny believes the man he just met is the real Jason. If Sonny is right, the current Jason (Billy Miller) could be the missing twin. Previous episodes of General Hospital revealed some clues seem to point out who the impostor is and possibly who Sam (Kelly Monaco) will choose in the end.

Patient 6 Swears Loyalty To Sonny

There have been a lot of General Hospital spoilers hinting the encounter between Patient 6 and Sonny, but the on-screen reunion between the two actors was still exciting. Sonny believed Patient 6’s claims, and the mob boss will help his old pal take back his identity. With all the threats lurking in town, spoilers tease they need to be careful.

Sonny is not the only one who will prove his loyalty to a comrade. Patient 6 also reassured Sonny he will not leave the dangerous life behind, and he is willing to stand by Sonny without questioning anything. This show of devotion is beyond what the current Jason has for the Port Charles mob boss.

Patient 6 Represents Danger

General Hospital spoilers tease Patient 6’s existence will put a lot of lives in danger. Sam, in particular, will be hounded by a threat even if she is yet to encounter classic Jason. Sonny has always been there for classic Jason, now more than ever Patient 6 will owe the mob boss a greater debt of gratitude.

Sonny already tried to leave the mob life once and it was unsuccessful. There is and will always be danger for him, and the same goes for classic Jason who wouldn’t leave Sonny to deal with threats on his own.

In previous episodes of General Hospital, Sam made it clear to Jason he wanted to live a quiet and safe life with their children. Purchasing a media company was one of the steps Jason took so he won’t be entangled with Sonny’s business anymore. He is willing to create changes in his life to accommodate Sam’s wishes.

General Hospital spoilers tease Sam will learn about two people who are both claiming to be Jason once she has been released. If this happens, she clearly needs to make a choice between the two men in her life. If she truly wanted a more peaceful life, she is more likely to favor the current Jason. Patient 6 will continue his involvement in Sonny’s business, and she doesn’t want Jason to be associated with Sonny. General Hospital spoilers tease it Sam will have a complex problem in her hand, and she needs to weigh everything before making a decision.

Who Is Drew?

There are two Jasons in Port Charles, one is Drew and the other is the real Jason. Given the previous episodes of General Hospital, the evidence is piling up against the current Jason. Patient 6 who just arrived in town has the face and memories to prove his identity as Jason Morgan. Meanwhile, the current Jason possesses skills that Drew were good at according to Betsy.

In one conversation Sam mentioned how good Jason was with numbers which would be a good qualification for running the media company they just acquired. It so happens that Betsy referred to Drew as a number whiz. This small hint is another evidence the current Jason could be Drew in disguise.

More clues as to who the impostor is will surface over the next few weeks, and General Hospital spoilers tease more exciting scenes will air in time for the November sweeps.

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