Nico Scholly And GF Melissa Remained Together After Brianna Adekeye Hookup, Brianna Says Nico Wasn't Her Type

Karen de Wilde

On the latest Below Deck episode, Nico Scholly and Brianna Adekeye flirted and went to bed together despite the fact that Nico had a girlfriend, Melissa, back home in Chicago. Prior to hooking up with Brianna, Nico complained about how clingy Melissa was and was shown ignoring her texts and calls. After cheating on her with Brianna, who knew of Melissa, Nico then broke up with Melissa via text.

Yet it seemed that despite what happened with Brianna, Nico and Melissa got back and remained together. Months after Season 5 finished filming, Nico did a video interview with Bravo in which he revealed whether he was still with his girlfriend. Just prior to the season premiering in September, Nico said that his relationship with Melissa was in fact getting more serious.

"Yeah me and my girlfriend are together today. We actually moved in together and, yeah, it's a nice little cute apartment in Chicago so..."

"He really didn't mention her at all. With me, I mean you know at the very beginning. If anything, a few times he mentioned she's not that serious."
"I see it more as a little boat fling. A boat fling for me is something to pass the time by. If you have to spend so long on a boat for a period of time, you need something."

"I can't say I would go after him in land life."