‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Gets Caught Up In Twin Showdown, Mob Boss Takes Classic Jason’s Side

General Hospital spoilers tease intense scenes as the soap prepares for the November sweeps. Patient 6 (Steve Burton) will reveal himself to Sonny (Maurice Benard) soon. If this happens, the mob boss needs to make a choice after listening to the mysterious man’s story. With the same face as Jason Morgan and the memories to prove his claim, it seems like the Sonny needs to trust his gut and take sides.

Between Old Friends

General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny will finally run into Patient 6. Sonny is not a man who gets surprised easily but seeing the face of an old friend will stun him. Patient 6 will convince Sonny he is the real deal, and he can rattle off all the important information he knows to sway the mob boss’ decision.

Since someone else who used to have his face claims to be Jason Morgan, Sonny will feel confused as to what happened. Patient 6 will have no valid explanation as to who the other Jason is. General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny will look into the identity of the guy who is currently living Jason’s life. However, it seems like the mob boss will keep the meeting with Patient 6 secret until they have more information.

Carly (Laura Wright) would naturally be curious as to what her husband is up to especially after thugs interrupt the celebration on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease Carly will be held at gunpoint and someone will take Sam as a hostage. Next week, General Hospital spoilers suggest Carly will look for answers behind the ruckus at the party. Given what just happened, it would be hard to keep things under wraps.

Caught In The Middle

General Hospital spoilers tease Jason will look for Sonny. After Patient 6 announced himself to Sonny, it seems like the mob boss will try to dodge the current Jason (Billy Miller). Since Sonny will keep the meeting with Patient 6 secret, it seems like he will try to get along with the current Jason if they bump into each other. However, the mob boss is more likely to side with the man who has Jason Morgan’s original face and the memories to match the identity.

Sonny has no idea Jason has a twin, so he might want to quiz the current Jason in a subtle way. After all, he has no clue what this guy is up to and why he took over Jason’s identity. GH spoilers hint Port Charles residents will eventually choose sides, and the current Jason will be accused of stealing Jason’s real identity. There’s bound to be a lot of chaos once Patient 6 steps into the light.

Hidden Truths

Spoilers tease Sam will eventually weigh in on the matter once she escapes from her kidnappers. While everyone is busy hurling accusations, she will step in and be the voice of reason. They need an explanation as to what happened and why there are two Jasons. This revelation could also push Franco (Roger Howarth) to spill the truth about Drew. With all of the confusion involving two men claiming to be Jason, General Hospital spoilers tease intense drama and conflicts in the upcoming weeks.

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