Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality Challenge For Donald Trump: ‘Serve Country’

Kobe Bryant just issued a Mamba Mentality challenge to Donald Trump. The retired NBA superstar was in Paris when he was interviewed by a Spanish sports website. Bryant, who is fluent in Spanish and other languages, said that his Mamba challenge to Trump is that “he should serve (his country).”

Kobe also indicated in the interview with AS that Trump should not only serve his own agenda but to focus on the country as a whole. Bryant also said that Trump should avoid saying “inflammable things” and that the POTUS needs to “take care of every word because everything [he] say[s] will be measured differently from what any other person says.”

Bryant also said that Trump has to understand that his “responsibility is to serve the whole.” According to Kobe, “any person in his position, a position of command, the first thing must be to not separate the people.”

“My test for [Trump] would be to serve the country and not just yourself.”

Kobe has made it clear that he is not a fan of Trump. In fact, this is not the first time that Kobe called Trump out for not doing what is expected of the president. Bryant was one of the many athletes who expressed their concern and disgust when Trump started attacking athletes for their political stances.

Kobe said through Twitter that Trump is incapable of making America great again. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Black Mamba accused Trump of creating “division and anger” as well as inspiring “dissension and hatred” after attacking Stephen Curry for saying that he would refuse an invitation to the White House. Trump also lambasted other professional athletes, particularly NFL players, for refusing to stand during the national anthem as a form of protest against police brutality and racial profiling.

Bryant also said in an interview with Awards Chatter podcast from the Hollywood Reporter that he would kneel in protest during the national anthem if he was still playing professionally. Kobe also said that if he got to talk to the president, he would tell Trump to “focus on serving, not leading.”

Kobe has been dishing out Mamba Mentality challenges to fellow athletes and other personalities. He challenged Milwaukee Bucks’ forward Giannis Antetokounmpo to aim for the Most Valuable Player award. Bryant told AS that the Greek Freak has been doing so well so far that he could also vie for the Defensive Player of the Year award. Kobe also issued Mamba Mentality challenges to NBA stars John Wall, Isaiah Thomas, and DeMar DeRozan. Other personalities who got Mamba Mentality challenges from Kobe were Kendrick Lamar, Allyson Felix, and Richard Sherman.

An inspiring message to the recently injured Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics gave a hint of what Mamba Mentality means to Bryant. Kobe told Hayward that “reality gives nothing back and nor should you.” Bryant also said that Gordon should “move on and focus on doing everything in [his] power” to return from the injury with “a new perspective.” Kobe explained that Gordon should fully understand each step he needs to take during his recovery. That means Hayward should not only understand the procedure but to visualize it in his head to increase the chances of a successful operation. Kobe also suggested that Hayward should approach the process day by day so he can focus on the “mini milestones.” Doing so will help him “find the beauty in the struggle of doing simple things.”

“You will see the belief within you grow with each mini milestone and you will come back a better player for it.”

In the interview with AS, Kobe laughingly denied that he would ever consider entering politics. Bryant said that “the person who is in this position has to act as a “unifier.” Kobe, who has his share of fans and haters, said that “you cannot divide people.”

“I don’t care if it is left or right, nor who is to blame for what,” Kobe said. “The reality of the situation is that the person who is in that position has to have the ability to unite people.”

[Featured Image by Michel Euler/AP Images]