Cardi B Kicked Out Of Hotel After Outburst, Calls Staff ‘Racist Motherf******!’

Cardi B was booted out of the Hilton Albany hotel in upstate New York after authorities were called and accused her of smoking marijuana while partying in the hotel room.

Early Sunday morning, Cardi B and her entire team were kicked out of the famous hotel after some guests complained about the noise and smell of weed coming from her hotel room around 1 a.m.

According to TMZ, the hotel’s manager called the cops to report a suspected party on the 2nd floor while the staff confronted Cardi B, asking her and her team to leave. However, when the police showed up, they were already packing up and getting ready to exit.

Apparently, Cardi B, who denied the allegations, was not happy about how they were treated and even called the claims racially-motivated.

In the video obtained by the webloid, the “Bodak Yellow” singer appeared to be really upset by the incident. The 25-year-old rapper stormed out of the hotel, calling staff “racist motherf*****!” The outraged artist even knocked down a display on her way out.

The rapper performed Saturday night at the Times Union Center before checking in to the Hilton Albany.

Shortly after the incident, Cardi B took to Twitter and shared her side of the story. The “Washpoppin” rapper also shared a series of videos on Instagram, accusing the hotel security and police of racism.

In the now-deleted post, the rapper claimed that Albany is known for being racist.

“Every single time n**** from New York get locked up and get sent upstate, they always complaining about C.O.’s beating them. I really experienced that s*** yesterday.”

Cardi B also vehemently denied that no one in her team uses marijuana — at least at that time. She reiterated that they were kicked out of the hotel because they were the only non-white guests on the floor.

However, Steve Smith, an Albany police spokesman, confirmed that there was an odor of marijuana, but there was no evidence that it came from Cardi B’s crew.

The award-winning rapper appeared to be taking the issue quite seriously that she even backed up the boycott of the hotel for its alleged “discrimination” to staff and guests.

So far, it remains unclear whether Cardi B will take further actions against the hotel chain for the incident.

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]