Ned Rocknroll: Kate Winslet’s New Husband Is Related To Billionaire Mogul

Ned Rocknroll may be known as Mr. Kate Winslet right now, but the man with the unusual name is actually the nephew to a billionaire media mogul with a penchant for being unusual.

News spread on Thursday that Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll were married in a secret ceremony, and after Winslet dated and married a string of famous directors and models, it was a surprise to many to learn of her strange-sounding newest husband.

Though he may not be as well known as Winslet’s on-screen love, Leonardi DiCaprio, Ned Rocknroll does have some sway. His uncle is billionaire media mogul Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group and the fourth-richest person in the United Kingdom.

From MTV:

We’re assuming it’s not mere coincidence that Rocknroll is an executive for Virgin Galactic, a space flight venture for the wealthy likes of Ashton Kutcher. Maybe that’s why his family can afford a mansion on Necker Island, where Winslet first sparked romance rumors when she vacationed there with Rocknroll in August 2011.”

In case it seemed to you that Ned Rocknroll couldn’t possibly be his real name,you would be right. He was born Ned Abel Smith, but legally changed it in 2008.

The reason — just for a laugh.

“The whole thing was about having fun with your name,” his ex-wife Eliza Pearson told the U.K.’s The Daily Mail after they split in 2011. “He thought we all took ourselves too seriously so it was about reacting against it.”

Ned Rocknroll had actually been to the altar twice now, the first to Perason, a British socialite. She said his personality fit his name.

“What drew me to Ned was that he was unusual,” Pearson said after they broke up.

Apparently Ned Rocknroll and Kate Winslet appreciate their privacy. Reps for the Titanic star told E! Online that their ceremony was only attended by a small number of friends and family — so small that even their parents weren’t there.