‘Patient Seventeen’ Director Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell On Dr. Roger Leir, Joe Rogan, UFOs, And More

Imagine there was a film about a surgeon who claims to remove highly-advanced implanted microchips from the bodies of everyday people. Odds are that you would assume this to be a fictional sci-fi movie, yet Patient Seventeen — as directed by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell — is an investigative documentary. Following the now-deceased Dr. Roger Leir, Corbell had a front-row seat to the final surgery performed by Leir and filmed the nanotechnology-related world surrounding the doctor.

While it may be easy to be skeptical and immediately denounce a film like Patient Seventeen, director Corbell tells a story so compelling that your pre-established beliefs are likely to change by the end of the movie. As Corbell told me during a phone interview for the Inquisitr, he was ready to expose Dr. Leir as a fraud, yet found himself challenged and further interested in the subject as a result of this project. As part of Corbell’s Extraordinary Beliefs film series, the director not only comes across as a well-connected person who does their homework but as someone who is full of energy, passion, and the hope for making the world a better place.

Chris Cooper, or “Nanoman” as the director refers to him, is likely the next subject that Corbell will release a feature-length documentary about. In the meantime, you can find more information on Patient Seventeen — as distributed by the Orchard and available for download on iTunes — on the Extraordinary Beliefs website.


How long did you work on Patient Seventeen?

Jeremy Corbell: That is a layered question in the sense that I have been filming kind of privately for about 10 years, not releasing any of the footage in other aspects of this phenomenon and then slowly started releasing pieces of Patient Seventeen itself. I was very hesitant to get involved with it because it was outside the scope of my imagination. This idea of alleged off-world alien implants, but in 2014 the doctor Roger Leir, he convinced me to film what ended up being his final surgery because he died in the middle of the movie. So 2014 really was the beginning…

How had you learned about Roger Leir in the first place?

Jeremy Corbell: I was aware of him and he was aware of me because over the years I was able to acquire interviews with a government witness. He had heard about that, so essentially we knew about each other, but what he was doing was so “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” in my imagination at the time, I totally expected to debunk it. So when he asked me to film it, I said, “Alright Roger, I will film you and the surgery. I don’t know if I will make a movie out of it, but if you are persuading the public towards something that is not true, twisting the evidence in any way, I am going to expose you. As a journalist with film this is what I do. Are you aware of that and are you sure you want me to film?”

He said, “Jeremy, I have been doing this for over 20 years. There is something to it, or I would not waste my time. You need to film this surgery.” I said, “Alright.” So, I went in, totally f**king skeptical, and what convinced me in the moment was meeting Patient Seventeen. He was not what I expected, he is a down-to-earth honest individual, and remains the most skeptical person in this entire adventure… It was meeting him, I was like, “I have to tell this story.” Just from a human perspective, this s**t is fascinating because it is not at all what I expected.

Had you followed nanotechnology before making this movie?

Jeremy Corbell: Absolutely, that is something that is a big part of my wheelhouse now. I made a number of shorts, I have been following him for five years, a guy I call Nanoman. His real name is Chris Cooper, he is a nanophysicist and nanotechnician. I was put onto him by a government source within the Navy and they were studying his non-traditional propulsion systems called the Space Drive. I made it short and put it out… There is a trailer, but that is how I got access to NASA AMES to do isotopic and elemental analysis.

It was through him and nanotechnology that even gave me an inkling of what to do, like when Dr. Leir died, all research stopped. I filmed his final surgery and everybody was fighting over the sample, and I had scientists, and incredible machines that we were allowed to use to analyze the sample. I sat there waiting for the sample to show up and this guy who was bogarting it. Finally, I got the sample, a piece of it, sent to Northern Analytical Labs, an accredited awesome lab. I got the results of what was in Patient Seventeen’s leg. We fully expected it to have nothing to do with his abductive experiences, which he is sure he had, and to my disbelief, the results came back completely and totally non-terrestrial. Anomalous…

With such a controversial scope of a movie, were you ever worried about the backlash that might with it? Whether it was you exposing him or whether it is you believing in him, were you worried about that potential backlash?

Jeremy Corbell: I am not worried about the truth. The truth is the truth no matter how we spin it, and that is what I seek. My series is called Extraordinary Beliefs. I am not trying to prove to people UFOs exist, we are being visited, although personally I can affirm to you beyond a shadow of a doubt, I no longer have the luxury of disbelief. From my work with people within the intelligence agencies, within the military, and I am not just saying that like a crazy person, I helped put on the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure with my friend Reuben Langdon. Five congressmen, one senator, 40 witnesses, that was in 2013, the New York Times picked it up. I have been involved in this field. I know the elements of this are a reality, definitely, 100 percent, there is a non-human intelligence engaging humanity.

As far as my reputation, you are already out on a limb when you say that to people. So, no, I wasn’t worried at all because I was and am looking for the truth, but my approach is not to convince people. It is to weaponize their curiosity, meaning making them so g*****n curious that they no longer have the luxury to sit back behind their keyboard, and they start becoming contributors in this field. Because I look at extraordinary beliefs in my film, my primary focus was two-fold. One, uplift the visual aesthetic of this genre of film, which I believe I succeeded in. Anybody can watch this, your mom can watch this and enjoy it visually as an artful film. And two, it was to show how ordinary people come to extraordinary understandings, so the film itself is really about the people. It is very terrestrial.

This photo was taken EXACTLY 5 years ago when I spent a few days filming with Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell in Florida… talking about UFOs, Psychokinesis, Government Coverups and Phenomenology. The experience was astounding. Dr. Mitchell told me all about how he had studied Psychokinesis at Stanford Research Institute (and found it to be a REAL and TRUE scientific effect of consciousness). I personally failed miserably when I tried to bend one of his coffee spoons using only my mind (hence the note I had him sign after he teased me about it). It was a great pleasure and honor to learn about Dr. Mitchell's world-view, and to hear him recall the "Seminal Moment" of when he was returning to Earth from his walk on the surface of the Moon. Only twelve humans (acknowledged publicly), have ever walked on the surface of another world. Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell was the sixth man to do so. He's a MOONWALKER and an experiencer of remote-healing and the secret organization that covers up the extraterrestrial presence engaging humanity. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to document some of his stories. Check out some of the footage on my website… ExtraordinaryBeliefs.com #ExtraordinaryBeliefs #MisterMoonWalker #EdgarMitchell

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Something that I find interesting is probably you and Joe Rogan are the only people from the MMA world that have these interests. Or are there other people that we don’t know about from that world who are very curious?

Jeremy Corbell: Yeah, from the MMA world, it is really interesting. Joe and I are close in a way because… We don’t hang out or anything but his sensei, the guy that gave him his black belt, Jean Jacques Machado, is also my sensei’s sensei. So we have this kind of bond that we just kind of discovered one time when we met briefly that in the martial arts world — although I am not a Brazilian Jiujitsu person — my sensei was one of the Dirty Dozen, the first 12 ever Americans to get their black belts in Brazilian Jujitsu back in the day… That bonds in us in a way, whether we know it or not.

We haven’t really had a lot of time together, maybe 30 minutes, but his interest in this has always excited me. He is an intelligent, rational, open-minded, strong, opinioned person that I really respect and he has taken this on headfirst. However, when he was doing his show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, that is when I met him briefly… I was going to try to hook him up with one particular case, but he talked with maniacs and frauds, so how is he going to ever scratch the surface of truth? The undeniable truth that every branch of our military is currently investigating. So I think he was disillusioned because he talked to kooks when, in reality, I think if we had a 15-minute conversation about it, I think he would no longer have the luxury of disbelief either. But I think that he, unfortunately, ended up interviewing the sensationalist people, and there is no reason to sensationalize this subject matter because it is in itself sensational.

Just to back up what I am saying, if you have any questions, if you think anything I am saying is out of bounds, ask me about it. Because for example, when I say every aspect, every department of our intelligence and military industrial complex studies it, I can, A, prove that to you, and B, look what happened yesterday. Tom DeLonge goes on, does a press conference; I knew this was in the making before it happened because Tom’s a friend. A head of Lockheed Skunk Works, someone within the Pentagon we always suspected in this field, that there was somebody at the Pentagon responsible for national defense against anomalous aerial threats, right? They came forward on the stage yesterday… If you removed Tom DeLonge and his stardom from that press conference, which is what seems to be confusing people, what remains is all these representatives from Lockheed Skunk Works, the Department of Defense, the CIA… There are anomalous aerial vehicles moving with impunity within our airspace for a long time now, and they actually made an appeal saying Congress should look at this. They implied that Congress can’t do their job if they don’t know about the phenomenon.

So, back to Joe Rogan, yes, in the MMA world there’s a lot of people interested in this who are not public. I personally know because of my involvement, but they also don’t have platforms to talk about it. There is not a single person on this planet who has a pulse who doesn’t have an opinion on this. Some opinions are informed and a lot of opinions are not informed, but that is okay. Everybody is curious, everybody wants to know, so my mission is to uplift the visual aesthetics with my filmmaking so it is accessible to everybody, just from a film standpoint. And two, my mission is to focus on cases and stories where I can move the meter forward and not just rehash the past.

I really hope that Joe gets a second look at the UFO topic because I truly believe that he was not exposed to the right people, and the right information to really understand it. I hope we have that conversation, me and Joe, soon.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – Carl Gustav Jung

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Filmmaking aside, what do you like to do for fun?

Jeremy Corbell: I love making films, man. (laughs) I live in, have you ever heard of Pioneertown, California?

I have heard of it, yes.

Jeremy Corbell: Okay, Pappy & Harriet’s [Pioneertown Palace], Sir Paul McCartney played here… Well, I moved here two and half years ago because my wife dragged me kicking and screaming out of L.A., right? So I moved here, what I like doing for fun is I love living here. My heart has just like totally altered.

I was born and raised in L.A., taught Jujitsu at UC-Santa Cruz, opened up schools all over the United States and beyond. This was my life, I never thought I would do anything else. I had a f**king crazy near-death experience with something called Valley Fever when I was overseas…

In Nepal, yeah, I read about that.

Jeremy Corbell: You know what is up, man, you do your research. So basically now for fun here, what I love to do is have friends come to this middle of nowhere place and experience the teeth of the desert. This place, the Mohave it is mysterious, there is some sort of firmament around here that is just trans-dimensional. I don’t know, it is so mysterious, and to sit under the stars and have it look better than a [Steven] Spielberg movie on a nightly basis, and hang with my good friends and talk about the mysteries of the universe, that is my number one favorite thing to do.

That is a great answer, usually I get, “I like fishing, I like time with my family,” but I think you have the best answer I have gotten in a while.

Jeremy Corbell: (laughs) That is awesome, man.

So in closing, Jeremy, any last words for the kids?

Jeremy Corbell: Yeah, man, that’s funny. “The kids” is the terminology that you use within the defense department and intelligence agencies to describe the visitors, so that is funny you said that, “for the kids.” But, yeah, my message for the kids is this, meaning for the people listening to your article, right?

Oh, yeah, they can be whichever kids you want them to be.

Jeremy Corbell: Okay, not the aliens, I don’t know about them. I might have never met one, but for the people, for your audience, my number one message is really simple. The world, the universe, the cosmology that you live in, the boundaries that you have created, that we all have created, the roadblocks and the boundaries to understanding more who we are and where are… Most of them are absolute illusionary boundaries. The universe, the reality we live in, is much larger and broader than can be imagined.

My singular goal is to weaponize the curiosity of the youth and the people coming into power now so that we can attack these issues without ridicule. We can attack these issues with honesty, integrity and scientific process to understand more completely who we are and where we are. That is my number one singular message. I don’t just want to weaponize people’s curiosity, I want to radicalize it. I want to people to look out, search and become participants in this mystery, not just passive observers. That is my message.

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