NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers Trading For Jimmy Garoppolo?

New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been frequently mentioned in various NFL trade rumors in the past months. This time, his name is being linked to a team who just lost their starting quarterback due to injury, the Green Bay Packers. Will the Packers consider trading for Garoppolo?

The game against the Minnesota Vikings was a huge tragedy for the Packers. They not only failed to secure a victory but also lost Aaron Rodgers, who suffered an injured collarbone. Packers coach Mike McCarthy confirmed that Rodgers will undergo surgery and expected to miss the rest of the 2017 NFL season.

“Aaron Rodgers suffered a significant injury in the game,” McCarthy said. “It will require surgery. He’ll be out a minimum of a significant amount of time. Potentially, his season can be over. He’ll have surgery here in the near future. After we see how that goes, focus on getting better and healthy — that’s all that really matters right now.”

Rodgers’ absence will undeniably put the Packers’ chance of contending for the title into question. As of now, Brett Hundley will be Green Bay’s temporary starter. However, if he struggles in the succeeding games, the Packers may consider looking for a quarterback either via trade or free agency market.

Will the Green Bay Packers consider trading for Jimmy Garoppolo? [Image by Bob Levey/Getty Images]

Veteran free agent quarterbacks Tony Romo and Colin Kaepernick emerged as Rodgers’ potential replacement. However, Romo remains questionable to come out of retirement. Packers coach Mike McCarthy also made it clear that they have no interest in signing Kaepernick.

According to Kein Lard of WEEI Sports Radio Network, the Packers might trade for Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots. The 25-year-old quarterback has been the center of trade rumors since the last offseason. His contract is about to expire next summer, and there are speculations that he’ll leave if the Patriots will not give him a huge payday.

Jimmy Garoppolo is undeniably a valuable piece on their team but the Patriots are unlikely to use a huge cap space to keep two quarterbacks. As most people think, it will be best for them to trade Garoppolo than lose him without getting anything in return. Garoppolo may have spent the past years as Tom Brady’s backup but no one can deny the fact that he is ready for the starting role.

He may not be as good as Aaron Rodgers, but he has already proved his potential to become a superstar in the league. If the Packers will really trade for Garoppolo like what Lard said, the Patriots could demand future draft picks and some players who could help them bolster their defense.

With Brady’s intention to play more years, the Patriots could always look for another quarterback to train. The 2018 NFL draft will feature promising quarterbacks like Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen. Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, and Baker Mayfield could also be on the Patriots’ radar if ever they really decide to send Jimmy Garoppolo to Green Bay.

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