Teresa Giudice Reveals She Struggles With Siggy Flicker Feud With Margaret

Teresa Giudice has revealed that she’s been friends with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania for years, so she doesn’t like to see them fight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Perhaps Teresa expected her friends to rally around her and be a support system for her as she coped after losing her mother. The season began with Teresa revealing that her mother had passed away from pneumonia, and viewers saw some older footage from the funeral. Perhaps she had hoped Siggy would understand that she was under tremendous pressure, as she didn’t have Joe Giudice at home to assist her.

According to a new report, Teresa Giudice is now opening up about the drama that happened in Boca Raton. As it turns out, she feels that Siggy may have overreacted a bit in regards to the cake-throwing incident. Teresa admits that she just needed to blow off some steam, and it was meant as a fun gesture. It wasn’t something she expected Flicker to freak out about. When new housewife Margarate Josephs decided to speak out against Siggy, things got heated. Giudice reveals that she feels odd about the feud, even though she may have known Flicker the longest.

“I wish Siggy and Dolores had been there. I still don’t know if Margaret invited them and they declined or if they were excluded altogether. If they were excluded, I think that was wrong, regardless of how I felt about the night before. The tension between Margaret and Siggy is definitely building, and it’s only the second episode. I love Siggy, and I’m just getting to know Margaret, so this is a situation that is difficult for me,” Teresa Giudice explained on her Bravo blog about the incident.

Flicker feels she has done so much to host the ladies in Boca Raton and she feels completely disrespected. Giudice suggests that perhaps she needs to be more open and understanding to the situation, as Teresa and Melissa Gorga had been going through some rough times. While Teresa had lost her mother, Melissa lost her entire business and had to start over from scratch. When Giudice decided to throw the cake, she was merely trying to blow off some steam. She wasn’t thinking about deliberately hurting Siggy by throwing the cake. When Margaret called her “Soggy Flicker” because of all the crying, things escalated. Teresa reveals she doesn’t know where to place herself, as she does understand Margaret’s side of the argument.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s comments about Siggy Flicker’s feud with Margaret Josephs? Are you surprised that their feud makes her uncomfortable?

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