‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava With Patient 6 Again – Steve Burton Interview On New Scenes With Maura West

General Hospital spoilers from recent Steve Burton interviews tell us what will happen on October 19 and in the days afterward when Patient 6 touches down in Port Charles and struggles to recover the life he lost. Yesterday, GH tasked Burton with a series of interviews with TV stations all across the country to promote the ABC soap and tease coming events. In many of the interviews, Burton played coy, and when asked general questions, he didn’t offer details. But a few savvy TV hosts were able to eke out some interesting tidbits and GH spoilers from the actor – and a big one is about Ava Jerome (Maura West) and Patient 6.

Patient 6 is Jason – so let’s call him Jason

We saw on yesterday’s episode that Patient 6 told Huxley Lynch (Trent Dawson) all we need to know about the mystery man. He is a coffee importer, co-owner of a casino, and has offshore accounts in Zurich and the stealth skills that come with being a stone cold killer. Huxley didn’t ask his name, but all the above made it clear that he’s Jason. And in the interviews, Burton casually confirmed the identity of Patient 6. The series of interviews didn’t hide the fact that Burton is his old character.

Burton told KTNV Las Vegas’ Morning Blend show that after five years, Jason is back and “called Sam and another man answered the phone, so that’s the first red flag,” in response to a question about Jason trying to come back to his life. The host then asked him how Jason would cope with “the love of your life gone” and added “your child is gone,” and Burton said that Jason would have “a lot of new discoveries when he gets back to Port Charles.” Patient 6 is Jason – or at least some version of Jason.

Patient 6 can’t go to Sam – Ava steps up

Back in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ava helped Jason escape from the clinic, although she has no idea who he was or anything about him. She ignored the warnings that he’s a dangerous psycho and saw him as a person worthy of humane treatment. In fact, Ava risked her future (and her life) to help him. Her facial reconstruction was cut short, and then Dr. Klein attacked her. Griffin Munro’s (Matt Cohen) intervention saved her, and he also helped Jason as he was escaping Russia.

When talking with WFAA in Dallas, Texas, Burton confirmed Jason has “been in a clinic in Russia the last five years – he’s missing five years of his life.” Once Jason gets off the boat on the anniversary of his “death” next week, he will soon find out Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is married to another man named Jason, so that means he can’t go home. He also doesn’t have access to any of his money since new-Jason tapped the account and the passwords might have changed. Fingerprints can solve the twin twist, but we’re a long way from a resolution.

Ava offers Jason shelter – friendship blossoms

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central for next week say after Jason gets into Port Charles, he must get his bearings because his life was stolen. Once he realizes he can’t go back to Sam, he’s not sure where to go. The recent GH promo showed Jason going into a back door of a house. It’s not Sam’s house (though the promo tries to make it look that way), but Sonny’s, where Jason goes looking for help. But once there, he’ll soon discover that Sonny is friends with new-Jason, so he can’t turn to him either. That leaves Jason on the street.

Jason made it back home, but he’s lost and has no place in his old life. Lucky for Jason, he’s got two friends in Port Charles – Ava and Griffin. With Jason lost and untethered, Ava comes to his rescue again. Burton said in one of his interviews on Tuesday of Maura West, “we’re gonna have more scenes when P6 lands in PC.” Burton also said of Maura West that “she’s amazing” and he enjoyed working with her. That’s good because it seems that Ava and Griffin are the only friends he can rely on for now.

Ava has her eye on a romance with Griffin, so it doesn’t seem like any affection will arise between Ava and Jason, but instead, it will be friendship. No doubt once Ava realizes she’s harboring the “real” Jason Morgan, she’ll be frightened, but General Hospital spoilers tease she’ll continue to help him even though he might hate her when the truth comes out. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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