Jenelle Evans Looking For Money Now That She’s ‘Probably Calling It Quits’ On ‘Teen Mom 2?’

Jenelle Evans revealed yesterday that she was quitting Teen Mom 2 because she didn’t want to keep filming the show if she was put in a bad light all the time. Evans had complained about the show before as she claimed the producers kept editing her storyline to be bad while making her look like a horrible mother. But after portraying David Eason as abusive and editing to scene to make her look like she was ignoring her son’s request for food, Evans decided to pull the plug. She has no interest in being part of the franchise anymore.

Her sudden decision to quit the Teen Mom 2 franchise has some people wondering about her financial situation. Some of her fans believe that David is no longer working, as she has been sponsoring him and paying for his meals, clothing, and car. Now that she may say goodbye to her MTV paycheck, she may contemplate what her next move is going to be. According to her Instagram account, Jenelle Evans is busy promoting various products to make money. Since announcing her exit from the show, she has shared two sponsored posts for which she may be paid. In addition, she has also kept her children off her Instagram page.

Based on her Instagram post, it sounds like Jenelle Evans is still interested in filming Teen Mom 2 and getting thousands of dollars from MTV. She isn’t shutting the door completely, as she just wants some respect, and she wants to be portrayed in a positive light. She doesn’t understand why her storyline is often plagued with drama, abuse, lies, and fighting. Jenelle has revealed that she feels the producers want her to be the bad girl on the show, and she points to her co-stars who don’t have negative storylines. Maybe MTV should take her threat seriously, as she’s busy promoting products and perhaps building new income streams.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ decision to promote products on her Instagram page and keep her children off her social media after announcing her dislike for the MTV producers? Do you think she’s changing her life around to be more private after being publicly humiliated?

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