‘The Winds Of Winter’ Author George R.R. Martin Hints Two Books Might Arrive In 2018, Shares ‘TWOW’ Update

Many fans of the Game of Thrones series have to lengthen their patience since The Winds of Winter novel is not hitting shelves anytime soon. George R.R. Martin released the latest A Song of Ice and Fire installment, called A Dance with Dragons, in 2011. Now, new reports are claiming that the veteran writer might launch two books in 2018.

George R.R. Martin wrote on his LiveJournal blog that he is currently working on two novels. The New Mexico-based writer said that he is also writing the first installment of the Fire and Blood series aside from The Winds of Winter. He added that fans could possibly have both books next year if he would be able to finish it on time.

“Whether WINDS or the first volume of FIRE AND BLOOD will be the first to hit the bookstores is hard to say at this juncture, but I do think you will have a Westeros book from me in 2018… and who knows, maybe two. A boy can dream.”

In the same blog post, the brain behind the Song of Ice and Fire series denied the rumors claiming that he is already done writing The Winds of Winter. George R.R. Martin said he finds it weird that some news outlets have been spreading lies about the status of the much-anticipated novel. He also debunked the speculations that he stopped writing the book for quite some time.

“And, yes, I know you all want to know about THE WINDS OF WINTER too. I’ve seen some truly weird reports about WOW on the internet of late, by ‘journalists’ who make their stories up out of whole cloth. I don’t know which story is more absurd, the one that says the book is finished and I’ve been sitting on it for some nefarious reason, or the one that says I have no pages.”

The Fevre Dream author described these rumors “moronic.” He also emphasized that, just like other writers, he still have “good days and bad days.” George R.R. Martin revealed he is still writing The Winds of Winter and that he still needs several months before he could finally complete it.

“Both ‘reports’ are equally false and equally moronic. I am still working on it, I am still months away (how many? good question), I still have good days and bad days, and that’s all I care to say.”

Meanwhile, veteran actor Iain Glen divulged that the full cast of Game of Thrones Season 8 would be seen together again for the read-through of the new episodes on Monday, October 9. He, however, divulged that he is not sure about the fate of his character in both the television show and the imminent Winds of Winter novel. The Scottish actor even revealed that filming the upcoming installment of the HBO series would take longer than the previous seasons.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, programming president Casey Bloys revealed showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are planning to complete filming the forthcoming eighth installment for a year and a half. They also teased that the popular television show might return in 2019.

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about The Winds of Winter novel and Game of Thrones Season 8.

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