Brandi Redmond Admits She’s Furious With Cary Deuber For Lying About Doctor Comment

Brandi Redmond thought she had a friend in Cary Deuber when they talked about surgeries and doctors while The Real Housewives of Dallas wasn’t filming. During the show’s hiatus, Redmond decided to have a mommy-makeover, and she decided to go with a doctor who wasn’t working with Mark Deuber or Cary. According to Cary, she never said anything negative about the doctor but encouraged Redmond to do her research. However, according to Redmond, Deuber has said that a person had died on his operating table.

While Brandi herself never said anything about it on the show, LeeAnne Locken reminded her what they had been talking about just hours before she herself went in for surgery. When it was brought up on the show, Deuber got defensive and revealed she had never told Brandi that a doctor had killed patients on his table.

According to a new report, Brandi Redmond is now revealing that she’s actually rather angry with her co-star for not standing up for what was said. Apparently, Redmond is convinced that Cary said something about her doctor, including the fact that people had died on the operating table. Deuber got defensive, revealing she would never say such a thing. Perhaps it is because she could face a lawsuit for defamation if it isn’t true, as her comments could ruin a person’s business. Brandi and LeeAnne may be aware of this, but they still want Cary to take responsibility for her comments. As it turns out, Redmond reveals that she’s now questioning her friendship with the doctor.

“Cary denying that it was said, made me doubt her for the first time. I felt that I was trying to help diffuse something and now I’m a liar. I felt disrespected and unappreciated for even trying to be honest and diffuse something so ridiculous,” Brandi Redmond explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she’s furious that her friend wouldn’t admit to what she had said. “I’m so pissed at Cary – that she called me liar and she’s not even addressing the reason for this conversation to begin with…The feeling is mutual, I had your back, I told you what this bitch said about you and now you’re mad at me for something you said and you’re calling me the liar…”

While Redmond is convinced that Cary is lying about her comments, Deuber is standing firm. She doesn’t want to be linked to these kinds of comments, resulting in the doctor possibly going after her. One can imagine that she doesn’t want people saying these kinds of things about her and her husband, as their practice is everything for them. But if Brand is questioning her friendship with Cary, perhaps Cary did say those things.

What do you think about Brandi Redmond’s comments about Cary? Who do you think is telling the truth?

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