‘The Division’ Assault Global Event Is Live Now With New Modifiers, Classified Gear Sets

Nearly two months after the first Global Event, the second event is now underway in Tom Clancy’s The Division. The Assault event is different than the Outbreak event including new modifiers. The Assault Global Event also introduces new Classified Gear versions of three different gear sets. Not to mention, the vanity masks are no longer tied to leaderboard ranking. Instead, players can earn Assault vanity masks by completing Global Event commendations.

From October 3 through October 10, players of The Division will experience three new modifiers. The global modifier for Assault makes enemies take more damage when agents are nearby, and it is always running. The activity modifier makes enemies more lethal at range in addition to the global modifier. Finally, the group modifier includes the previous two modifiers and one that buffs agents’ damage when they stay together. Enemy damage is increased when teams do not stay together according to the game’s website.

Players of The Division have a week to earn the new vanity masks associated with the Assault Global Event. As the Inquisitr reported, there was some criticism surrounding the first Global Event and developers of the game requested feedback on how to reward players with vanity masks. In the second event, players can complete three specific achievements to earn three new masks.

The Falcon Lost incursion is included in the Assault playlist. [Image by Ubisoft]

Defeating a number of LMB soldiers during the event will reward players with the Jason Facemask which is basically a sullied hockey mask. Completing the Assault playlist with a teammate and without using a medical skill will reward the Pig Facemask. Completing the Assault playlist without going down or dying will reward players with the Clown Facemask. Each of these commendations can only be earned with the activity or group modifier running. Players must be on the fifth World Tier with the difficulty set to, at least, the hard level.

During the Global Event, players of The Division will earn Global Event credits or Tokens to buy event-specific caches. These caches have a good chance of including new Classified Gear sets including the Reclaimer, the Sentry, and the Striker sets. New five- and six-piece bonuses for each set improve these Classified Gear sets. Players can check out the bonuses for each set on The Division Zone website including the previously introduced sets that are available as rare loot.

The third Global Event will likely occur about a month after Assault ends. The delay between Outbreak and Assault was needed in order to adjust the way Global Events in Tom Clancy’s The Division function.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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