Trump Mocked For His ‘Big Water, Ocean Water’ ‘Toddler-Level’ Response

First Donald Trump was slammed for not doing enough for the people of Puerto Rico and now he is being condemned for his choice of words in his verbal response. One sentence, in particular, has awarded critics a field day and the social media sites are buzzing over this, along with many of the mainstream news media sites today.

During his speech on Friday, while he was discussing his tax plan, Trump offered up the obstacles facing the relief programs attempting to get to Puerto Rico and offer up help. He reminded the crowd that Puerto Rico is an island, “surrounded by water,” according to People Magazine. He continued by saying,

“This is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water.”

There’s quite a mob of folks picking apart his “Big water. Ocean water” description online today with many suggesting it was a very juvenile response coming from the president of the United States. Many parents tweeted and posted their comments saying that Trump’s “Big water” term reminds them of how their kids talked about the beach when they were toddlers, as the one below notes.

Some compared Trump’s relief effort to Obama’s relief effort for the island of Haiti, like the tweet below.

Other users across the social media horizon took advantage of the recent rejection letter penned to Melania Trump regarding the Dr. Seuss books by a librarian in Massachusetts and played off of that.

“‘Big Water, Ocean Water,’ a Trump Can Read Book by Dr. Seuss,” writes Troostwornall on Twitter. On Tuesday, Trump described the obstacles that the island of Puerto Rico presented when attempting to deliver the supplies that the people of that island are in dire need of.

Trump said on Tuesday, “It’s very tough because it’s an island. In Texas, we can ship the trucks right out there and we can do — we’ve gotten A-pluses on Texas and on Florida, and we will on Puerto Rico. But the difference is it’s an island, sitting in the middle of an ocean.”

An article from Common, went a little further than mocking Trump’s response as childish, they called his response to Puerto Rico “frightening.” They suggest the following.

“There was nothing comforting, and plenty that was frightening, when President Donald Trump on Friday publicly announced that Puerto Rico—suffering a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented proportions—was, in fact, an island surrounded by the ocean.”

Esquire Magazine also commented on Trump’s “Big water. Ocean water” comment with their simple, yet mocking headline which said, “Dear President Trump: People are Laughing at You.” They embellished this a bit with “Laughs. Big laughs. Ocean laughs.”

The Esquire article listed about a dozen other places that past presidents were able to get equipment and people to that were surrounded by “Big water, ocean water.”

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