Disney Dream Suffers Damage To Stern Of Ship After Colliding With Pier In Nassau [Photos]

The Disney Dream had a bit of a mishap on Saturday after it collided with a pier in Nassau and suffered quite a bit of damage as shown in social media pictures. Early on Saturday, the Disney Cruise Line ship was approaching Nassau for its day in port in the Bahamas, and it prepared itself to move in and dock at the pier. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned as the stern of the ship hit a corner of the pier and knocked a pretty substantial dent into the Dream.

UPDATED on Oct. 4, 2017, at 8:45 p.m. Eastern

Some video has now appeared online of the Disney Dream backing into the dock in Nassau, and it makes…well, it makes a sound exactly as you might expect it to make.

The video can be viewed by clicking this link, but be warned as there is some strong language in the video and it is not safe for work or young ears.

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After a bit of a chaotic month with some cancelled sailings and being rerouted due to Hurricane Irma, the Disney Dream has been back on schedule the last couple of weeks. Nassau, Bahamas was the scheduled stop on Saturday for the DCL ship, but it just wasn’t a very good start to the day.

According to Disney Cruise Line Blog, the ship hit the pier rather high in Nassau which ended up causing a severe dent in the stern of the ship. The good things about all of this are that the dent was above the waterline and the collision didn’t end up rupturing the hull.

Whenever a Disney Cruise Line ship is in port, a lot of external work is done since they are in port and not moving. Not long after the collision happened on Saturday morning, work crews were already preparing everything to fix the dent and paint around the areas of the stern which were affected.

Another image shows the damage done to the pier and it looks as if the Disney Dream simply hit it right on the corner which explains the deep indentation of the dent.

It has already been confirmed that the current three-night sailing of the Disney Dream will not be affected by this situation. All is going on as planned and it will continue through its itinerary for a return to Port Canaveral on Monday morning. There has been no word yet if the four-night sailing leaving on Monday will be altered or delayed by Disney Cruise Line due to the collision, but things appear to be in order now.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]

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