Bill Clinton Lap Dance Scene On Cutting Room Floor From Tom Cruise New Movie ‘American Made’

Tom Cruise’s new movie, American Made, has cut one scene that was referred to as “salacious” and it has to do with a young Bill Clinton. The actor playing Bill Clinton in his younger days was seen getting a lap dance at an Arkansas strip club in this scene that is no longer attached to the movie.

American Made is based on a conspiracy theory, and Tom Cruise’s character is based on a real-life person, Barry Seal, who played a part in this conspiracy theory. Barry Seal was an American pilot, who left the safety of flying commercial jets to fly aircraft for cocaine smugglers. The premise behind the movie is the conspiracy theory, which suggests that Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush were involved in some of these dealings out of Mena, Arkansas.

This conspiracy theory suggests that Clinton and Bush were involved in a major ring of “cocaine, money laundering, and illegal weapons,” out of Arkansas, reports Fox News. American Made debuted this week and it received positive reviews.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the moviegoers who were hoping to see some “Clinton dirt” will be disappointed to hear that the filmmakers opted to cut the scene where Bill Clinton is in a strip club in his home state of Arkansas, getting a lap dance.

This scene was to play out as the moment the movie’s “real-life protagonist,” Barry Seal, conjures up a scheme to entice Clinton to become part of a CIA-backed operation. The timeline of this deleted scene, where Bill Clinton is getting a lap dance, is during the years when Clinton was the governor of Arkansas.

So why was this lap dance nixed from the film? According to the Hollywood Reporter, the people making that decision from Cross Creek Pictures wanted to keep the film from being political. The producer and financer from Cross Creek clipped the scene from the script, which was penned by Gary Spinelli.

The film was originally titled, Mena, but that was changed to American Made, to downplay the connections with the town in Arkansas. During Clinton’s reign as governor of Arkansas, Mena was the town that “contained a clandestine airfield,” which was used for gun and drug smuggling back and forth to Latin America.

A scene that would have also implicated George H.W. Bush in an illegal scheme of his own was also nixed from the movie. That scene was set during the time he was vice president in the Ronald Reagan administration. The movie’s plot had Bush involved in sending weapons to Contras and using the town of Mena to train the Contras.

In that nixed scene, it showed a time when Bush and Seal were in the same room in the White House. The conspiracy theory has Bush up to his eyeballs in this scheme, using his connections as the ex-head of the CIA.

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that dealing with real-life characters is “tricky” as there’s always a “potential for legal action.”

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