Jenelle Evans Gets Mommy-Shamed For Putting Her Kids In Danger, Finds She’s Blocked From Facebook

It’s only been a week since Jenelle Evans celebrated her big wedding with her husband, David Eason, but now the mom-of-three is being shamed for a few of her parenting decisions. She recently shared a photo of her two sons, Jace, 8, and Kaiser, 3, in her hot tub along with her husband, David and his daughter, Maryssa. Fans, however, were quick to call her out on this, saying that it is really dangerous for a child under the age of 5 to be in a hot tub at all. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), young children shouldn’t be in a hot tub due to risks of drowning, overheating and dehydration. Because of the suction, it is not recommended for young children to go in a hot tub either, as their hair can get caught in the drain very easily.

Jenelle Evans was quick to defend herself, saying that she dropped the temperature of the hot tub to accommodate the children swimming in it.

Fans have regularly chastised Jenelle Evans for her lack of water safety, including allowing Kaiser, 3, to be on a boat without a life jacket. This has caused a lot of upset for fans, especially those who feel Jenelle isn’t as attentive of a mom as she should be.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only social media scandal that Jenelle Evans has faced in the past few days. According to her Twitter, the reality star has been kicked off of Facebook for 30 days. The Teen Mom 2 star claims that she put up a post that some people must have found offensive and the site not only took the post down, but kicked her off.

The mom-of-three was extremely distraught, and she stated that she was using the website to communicate with friends who had been affected by the recent slew of hurricanes.

Despite the setbacks, Jenelle Evans is enjoying her first week of married life. It was reported that she banked anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 for her wedding from MTV and selling her story to tabloids alone. Although she is currently feuding with her mother, she is attempting to make the best of things and continues to appear on Teen Mom 2 on MTV.

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