Katy Perry Needs Approval From The Vatican Before She Can Move Into Her New House

Katy Perry is in limbo while she waits for official approval to move into her new home. The pop star purchased a convent in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles two years ago, but has been locked in a three-way legal battle with the archdiocese, the nuns who operated the property, and a third buyer named Dana Hollister. Although a judge finally ruled in Perry’s favor, she still has a few hurdles to jump through before the sale is final.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Vatican has to give Perry its final approval before she can move in. Unfortunately, before top officials make a ruling, they need to find a new home for the convent’s House of Prayer, which local clergy members were still using. The good news, however, is that Perry is finally over the legal aspects of the purchase and can rightfully move in once she gets the green light.

The pop star bought the convent from the archdiocese for $14.5 million. The property includes multiple structures, a courtyard, pool, fountains and 8 acres of land. Shortly after Katy Perry offered to buy the estate, the nuns who ran the convent tried to sell it to Hollister. The rival buyer started a battle between the archdiocese and the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary over who had the rights to sell the property.

This past June, a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled in favor of the archdiocese and gave them ownership of the convent and all of its assets. The judge found that the nuns did not have the right to sell the property without the archdiocese’s approval. It is believed that Hollister was pledging to pay around $9 million for the property.

The ruling finally enabled Perry to finalize the purchase and move forward with the sale. Unfortunately for Perry, there’s no telling how long it will take the church to find a suitable replacement building for the clergy. The archdiocese can’t even submit the proposal to the Vatican until a location is found, which could take months.

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