WWE Rumors: Did We Just See More Hints About The Return Of The Undertaker?

Let’s be honest, if you are a fan of WWE wrestling, The Undertaker’s retirement after WrestleMania 33 left a huge hole on the WWE’s roster. The “Taker of Souls” was one of the WWE network’s top performers for over two decades. The Undertaker, whose name was synonymous with WrestleMania, was a huge favorite with fans and WWE is poorer for his retirement. Of course, it was well known that The Undertaker, real name Mark William Calaway, was suffering physical problems, and he was rumored to need hip replacement surgery. At 52-years-old, The Undertakers body was showing the effects of 25 years in the wrestling ring.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors of a possible return for The Undertaker have been rife for months. It seems that those rumors show no signs of abating. India Times reports that The Deadman is set to return and that he will face 16-time world champion, John Cena.

There can be little doubt that The Undertaker vs. John Cena is a match the WWE universe would love to see. It would also be a match that could easily headline WrestleMania 34. When the WWE ran a poll earlier this year asking who The Undertaker should face at WrestleMania 33, John Cena topped the poll. The Undertaker and Cena have faced each other five times, they are tied with two wins each, one match ended in a “no result.” Wrestling fans would love to see Cena and The Undertaker split that tie.

Whilst many believe that Callaway’s health issues will prevent a return by The Undertaker, wrestling insider Jim Ross states that a return isn’t off the cards. During a question and answer session on his website, Ross was asked if The Takers career was over. Ross certainly didn’t rule out a return in his reply.

“This Undertaker matter is really very simple until he says that he’s officially finished then he isn’t. Case closed.”

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Jim Ross isn’t the only wrestling insider to hint that The Undertaker’s career might not be over. In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, John Bradshaw Layfield drew on his friendship with The Undertaker when he claimed that he wasn’t sure The Deadman’s career was over.

“I don’t know if it was his last match. We are good friends, so I know him very well.”

“[The Undertaker is] such a great character. I don’t know if it was his last match, and if it was, it was an amazing way to go out.”

As reported by Wrestling Inc., the WWE may have provided an additional hint of The Undertakers return. The WWE networks official Twitter account posted a message calling The Undertaker’s entrance sequence “awe-inspiring.”

Sadly, we shouldn’t read too much into this, the WWE was referring to the new WWE computer game. As Jim Ross said, The Undertakers WWE career isn’t over until he says its over. The Undertaker’s return is by no means certain, but maybe we shouldn’t rule it out just yet.

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