‘Clash Of Clans’ Event: 200 Free Gems To Be Rewarded In Multiplayer Battles During October

A Clash of Clans event is about to reward users with free gems if they are successful during multiplayer battles. With Clash of Clans updates on the horizon, the creators at SuperCell are looking to get more eyes on the product (again). The Twitter account for the game does a great job at updating users on what is taking place each day. Within the past year, a trend within the game is to have more “events” where users can try out specific troops and win rewards during battles.

Recently, SuperCell participated in a day designed to help out disabled gamers, teaming up with several other game manufacturers. Beginning on September 30, the game site will begin a new Clash of Clans event, giving users the ability to earn 200 gems simply by winning multiplayer battles. For readers unfamiliar with the game, gems can be used to speed up the process of building bases or in “growing” troops at a much faster rate.

For the next three days, a new Clash of Clans event will revolve around using Dragons and Lightning Spells to attack. Both will be offered at a 90 percent discount and users will be able to earn 200 gems if they can win 20 multiplayer battles before the event comes to an end. Users are only required to use two dragons in each attack, opening up the possibility to earn lots of gold and elixir in the process. It could be a great time for users to start saving up their gold or dark elixir in an effort to improve their standing in the game.

The biggest benefit to this event is that the cost to grow Dragons or brew Lightning Spells has been lowered, making it very easy to quickly put together an army to use in either multiplayer battles or Clan Wars. For users interested in getting back in the game, this is a good time to do so, as collecting resources over the next three days just got easier. Completing 20 successful battles during this Clash of Clans event may seem like a lot, but getting rewarded with 200 very valuable gems makes it well worth the effort.

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