Jim Carrey’s Late Ex-GF Cathriona White Reveals In Letter He Exposed Her To Prostitutes, Mental Abuse & Cocaine

Jim Carrey’s late ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, claimed in a shocking letter to the actor that he exposed her to “cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease.”

In 2016, lawyers representing Cathriona White’s family filed a wrongful death case lawsuit against Jim Carrey. Along with the lawsuit came a revealing note that was unearthed following a forensic examination of White’s iPad, reports the Mirror. White allegedly wrote the note on April 8, 2013, more than two years before she died of suicide in 2015.

“This is what I want, you gave me hsv and hpv, I want you to apologize for it because you care enough to,” the note reads. “I met you, you introduced me to cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease. You did good things for me but being with you broke me down as a person Jim.”

Jim Carrey filed a cross-complaint Friday against Filippo Machino, The X Law Group, White’s ex-husband, Mark Burton, and mother Brigid Sweetman, claiming that they are exploiting Cathriona’s death so that they can extort money from the actor.

In a statement published on Twitter on Friday, Carrey said that this wasn’t the first time Marchino has attempted to exploit Cathriona White’s death for financial gain. He said that in 2013, White told Carrey that she tried to extort money from him with the assistance of Marchino by threatening him that she’d “go to the press” claiming that he had infected her with STDs unless he paid her “millions of dollars.”

“In this case, Cross-Defendant Filippo Marchino took what started as a warm and exciting romance between Jim Carrey and Cat White, a beautiful yet immature and emotionally damaged woman, and turned it into an act of extortion, coercion, and theft,” reads Carrey’s cross-complaint.

Carrey writes in his statement that he regrets “giving in and settling false claims” made against him by Marchino three years ago, which he wrote he had to do since “mounting a public defense is a very costly and painful process.”

“At the time I felt Cat was being exploited by Marchino. Since this new case was filed, I have discovered the depth of deception behind those false claims, the kind of deception decent people fall for, because to us, such behavior is unimaginable,” he wrote.

In the letter allegedly written by White on April 8, 2013, she tells Carey that she used to be a “happy person” who “loved life” before she met him. She also told the actor that she didn’t want his money when she tried to extort money from him, only his apology for giving her HSV and HPV, as reported by Radar Online. She also tells him in the letter that she wants him to understand “that however little a thing that seems to you, it ruins a girl’s life.”

In September, 2015, Cathriona White was found dead in her apartment following a drug overdose. A coroner’s report into White’s death revealed that she had taken a cocktail of drugs just hours after she had FaceTimed Carrey. The prescription drugs the aspiring actress ingested included Zofran, Propranol, Percocet, and Ambien.

An investigator reportedly found a text message sent by the actor to White the day before her death. In it the actor asked if she knew where his painkillers were. The message also mentioned “Arthur King” as the assumed name the full prescription was registered under. White reportedly wasn’t able to respond to the text message.

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