Galaxy X: Samsung’s X-Branded Handset Could Be The Perfect Foil For The iPhone 8

The smartphone race among the industry’s most prominent companies is set to get even more intense, as Samsung seems set on releasing its foldable Galaxy X smartphone sooner than expected. In a recent announcement, the South Korean tech giant’s president of mobile Koh Dong-jin stated that a “folding phone” is definitely in the works.

This, of course, could mean that it would only be a matter of time before the mobile community finally gets to see the reveal of Samsung’s most interesting and arguably most elusive device to date. Taking the Samsung executive’s words into account, it would be quite possible for Samsung to release the Galaxy X sometime in 2018, according to a Forbes report.

The code number of the Galaxy X was even leaked a few weeks ago, with the model number SM-G888N0 emerging from the Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA). Such a model number has not been assigned to a smartphone in Samsung’s lineup, and thus, might correspond to the foldable device, as stated in a TechRadar report. Apart from this, the highly anticipated device has also reportedly passed its Bluetooth and radio certification, which all but points to a release date within the near future.

In a lot of ways, the highly rumored Galaxy X would be entering the market without a clear competitor. So far, the best handsets on the market follow a traditional slate design, including Samsung’s most formidable devices to date — the Galaxy S8, S8+ and the Note 8. If the Galaxy X does make it next year, it would be the first smartphone of its kind in the market, which would give the South Korean tech giant a unique edge against competitors, many of which would surely try to catch up.

The rivalries of the smartphone industry have mostly centered on the race between the best of Android, made up of flagships from Samsung, HTC, OnePlus, Huawei, LG, and Google, and iOS, which is represented by the iconic iPhone. This year, the smartphone race centered mostly on which company could come up with designs featuring a high screen-to-body ratio, as well as internals that boast a huge amount of processing power.

With the release of the iPhone X, however, Apple has largely moved away from the pack. Featuring a compact, novel design and a processor that far outguns any SoC in the Android camp, the iPhone X is remarkable both inside and out.

With this in mind, the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy X would be perfect for Samsung, since it would be a device that, if designed correctly, could have the capability to completely disrupt the smartphone industry.

While the iPhone X and its 2018 successor would most likely compete with the Galaxy S9, S9+ and the Note 9, the Galaxy X could end up carving a niche of its own — a niche that is, in a lot of ways, untouchable by any of Samsung’s competitors. In this respect, the Galaxy X, provided that Samsung designs the device in a balanced manner, would most likely be the perfect foil for formidable competitors such as the iPhone X.

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