‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rainy Brown Needs To Study Grammar, Says Critic

Rainy Brown has been hit by another criticism after she committed a grammar error on her post on Instagram. Alaskan Bush People children have been homeschooled.

A fan slammed Rainy on social media because her post contained a grammar error. The 14-year-old Alaskan Bush People star wrote:

“When you’re waiting to go out with you’re friends and you end up like ‘say something I’m giving up on you’ lol”

The critic commented that Rainy, who has been homeschooled by mom Ami Brown, really needs to study English grammar. Other fans came to the reality star’s defense, saying that she is not even 15. “She’s a kid!! How about not being a grammar nazi on social media huh!” one wrote. The critic hits back and said it is the perfect age to learn grammar. Rainy, who once responded to negative comments about her on social media, has not reacted on this one.

The Browns have faced criticism for claiming that they have a “well-rounded education.” This is because Ami was a high school dropout who ran away at age 15 to get married to Bill and they’ve been living off the grid. “We were home-schooled, and so we learned all the things that normal people in school learn, and we also learned extra-curricular activities, such as, you know, how to survive,” Bam said in one of the Alaskan Bush People episodes, via TV Insider.

Meanwhile, Alaskan Bush People has delayed filming for Season 8. Ami is reportedly too unwell to participate in the production as she was just released from the hospital. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for her late-stage lung cancer have taken their toll on the 54-year-old. The lack of official update on Ami Brown’s condition also worried fans that the show is heading for cancellation. Many hope to see a new season of the show, and Ami previously expressed her desire to be back. In an interview with People, the matriarch said she wanted to do the show to let people see what they are going through. She hopes that it would take away the fear from other people who might one day be told they have cancer.

The Brown family left their homestead in Alaska after Ami’s diagnosis so she can be near hospitals for her medical needs. In Alaskan Bush People Season 7, they revealed their plans to start a new Browntown in Colorado. For now, the family, except Noah and his fiance Rhain Alisha, remains in Los Angeles, California, while Ami is recovering.

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