‘DOOL’ Recap And Spoilers: Chabby And PaulSon Double Wedding Crashed, Intruder Brings Nuptials To A Halt

Many Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting quite some time for today’s episode. It’s wedding day, however, sticking with true DOOL fashion, today’s episode is not without twists, drama, and an end-of-the-week cliffhanger.

Days of Our Lives began today, September 29 with everyone getting ready to attend the wedding of two beloved Salem couples. Paul and Sonny are sharing their special day with Chad and Abby. Amidst the preparations, all parties received a text message from Father Louis. He is unable to perform the wedding due to a family emergency. Justin stepped in to save the day, agreeing at the last moment to officiate.

The wedding ceremony on NBC’s Days of Our Lives pricked tears from many viewer’s eyes. Family members spoke on behalf of each couple, and the characters spoke their heartfelt vows to each other.

Brady walked up to the podium to speak about sharing your life with love, claiming that life becomes more meaningful but also more difficult.

“Life isn’t worth the trouble it brings. When we stop loving we stop living.”

Before taking his seat, Brady told the couples to never give up on each other regardless of who or what gets in their way.

Andre spoke about how watching Chad and Abby’s love has made him a better person, claiming that when they write the story of Abigail and Chad, it will be a story of a timeless passion and true love. Days of Our Lives fans know this to already be true, as the couple has countless admirers rooting them on as this decade’s newest super couple. Maggy took the stage to speak about second chances at love and finding new opportunities to love one another better.

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After the candles were lit, the couples began to share their vows.

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Paul loves Sonny, however, few knew how deep that love and respect was before he spoke his vows. When Paul was 4-years-old, he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to play baseball and his talent for the sport made him different. For a long time, he hid the truth about his sexuality. Although he was a respected star pitcher, he found it difficult to look at himself in the mirror. It was his love for Sonny that eventually led to his own realization about identity. Because of Sonny, Paul now knows not just what he wants to be, but also who he wants to become.

Sonny responded with vows of his own during today’s Days of Our Lives wedding. He stated that although he could see who Paul was, it was Paul that saw how good they could be together. Sonny lost his first love Will, and without Will, he lost himself and didn’t want to be found. Paul showed Sonny that he could love again, and there is not another “living soul on this planet” that Sonny would rather be standing at the altar with than Paul.

As Abby was about to state her vows to Chad, the church doors swung wide open. A mysterious man, dressed in all black, lets himself into the sanctuary.

Everyone present at the double wedding has a look of shock and awe on their faces as today’s episode of Days of Our Lives came to an end. Days fans, who do you think this mystery man could be?

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