Jessica Simpson’s Drinking And Drug Use Reportedly Out Of Control

Rumors have swirled for a while that Jessica Simpson’s addictions have been out of control. When the mom-of-two and famous singer appeared on The Ellen Show in May, fans were aghast over the way she slurred her words and rambled on incoherently, to the point that even Ellen DeGeneres seemed uncomfortable. Then, it was reported that the star had been addicted to painkillers and alcohol since her father, Joe, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, now those close to her are reportedly worried for the star’s well-being as they say her drinking has spiraled out of control again.

According to In Touch Weekly, the singer was spotted stumbling out of a restaurant on September 19. A source close to her told the magazine that Jessica Simpson’s issues were not exactly new, and she has a habit of mixing anti-anxiety medication with alcohol, reportedly confirming the same claim that was tossed around after her appearance on The Ellen Show.

The source also claims that she and her husband, former NFL player Eric Johnson, are frequently fighting about her vices, and this is putting a serious strain on their marriage. Some even worry that the constant fighting and bickering over her using could lead to a divorce.

The pair has two young children, a girl named Maxwell (after Eric, as his middle name is Maxwell), and a boy named Ace Knute. Aside from the media attention on Jessica’s drinking and pill use, she has been criticized significantly for the way she raises her children. After an image of her daughter in a bathing suit was posted on her Instagram, fans took the time to let her know that pedophiles were lurking and could be saving photos of Maxwell for later use. She has also been criticized for allowing Ace Knute to wear his hair long, which some have stated makes him look like a girl.

A source close to Jessica Simpson claims that her “loopy and disorientated behavior” is pretty much the new normal when it comes to Simpson, and unfortunately, friends and family have come to expect it.

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