‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Niantic Extends Equinox After Fixing Server Issues; How To Get Entei, Raikou And Suicune?

There is no denying that Pokemon GO is one of the most-played games today. In fact, Nintendo’s augmented-reality game has five million active daily users worldwide. However, many players around the globe are having trouble logging into the game.

ComicBook reported that hundreds of Pokemon GO players started complaining that they were unable to play the game on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The news outlet claimed that a large amount of traffic caused the latest outage. The publication found it odd that the server outage did not happen during the peak traffic hours.

Reports have it that the latest outage has something to do with the game’s servers, unlike the previous log-in issues that were caused by Pokemon Trainer Club server outage. Luckily, Niantic was quick to look into the server disruptions. The American software company assured Pokemon GO players that they were investigating the problem already.

On Wednesday, Niantic announced via Twitter that the login issue was fixed and Pokemon GO is back online.

“The issues preventing Trainers from signing into Pokémon GO have been resolved,” the company said in a tweet.

As a form of apology, the game developer has extended the Equinox event, which will end on Oct. 2.

For starters, the Pokemon GO Equinox is a limited-time event hosted by the company to celebrate the autumn season. Aside from new adventures, it also allows players to earn triple XP and double stardust. These bonuses can only be acquired through the event.

Meanwhile, Gamespot shared that players can only catch Entei, Raikou, and Suicune until Oct. 31. Starting Friday, these three Legendary dogs would be made available around the globe. However, the news outlet emphasized that only one of these three new Pokemon GO characters is available in a specific region at a time.

Water-type Suicune can only be found in the Asia Pacific region. Fire-type Entei, on the other hand, is currently available in Africa and Europe. Players in America can encounter Electric-type Raikou. Players can catch these three Legendary dogs worldwide beginning Sept.30 until the last day of October. Stay tuned for more Pokemon GO news and updates!

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