Ariel Winter Fires Back At Her Estranged Mother After She Claims Her Daughter ‘Craves Attention’

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is not happy with her estranged mother, Crystal Workman. The Daily Mail reports that the drama between mom and daughter reached new heights after Workman appeared on Inside Edition this week to make outrageous claims against her daughter. Winter filed for emancipation in 2015, claiming physical and emotional abuse, and it doesn’t seem the two will be reconciling anytime soon.

In her interview, Workman said that her daughter is “making up lies” and “craves attention.” This was in response to Winter’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month where the actress claimed her mother dressed her inappropriately starting at the age seven and had her on a restrictive diet for years.

Workman denied the accusations Winter made against her and attempted to disprove them by showing photos of Winter as a child dressed in age-appropriate clothes. When it came to the claims of the restricted diet, Workman responded, “Absolutely not. The only dietary restriction was dairy. We found out as an infant that she was very allergic to dairy.”

However, Winter’s on-set teacher Sharon Sacks says the 19-year-old is telling the truth because she witnessed the situation first hand. Sacks says she would often order extra lunches for Winter because she could see the actress was hungry.

Winter also claimed that her mother would have had no problems with her daughter doing nude scenes when she was as young as 12, an accusation that Workman completely denies.

Workman believes her daughter is just throwing her “under the bus” because she loves the headlines and the attention, and she finds it heartbreaking.

Ariel Winter’s mom went on to say that one of the hardest parts of the situation is that after the emancipation, she was forced to live in a storage facility with no heat or air for a year and a half, while her daughter earned $100,000 per episode on Modern Family.

By the end of the interview, Workman switched from criticizing her daughter to saying directly to her that it was time to fix things between the two of them. However, Winter has made no indication that she wants anything to do with her mom.

According to the NY Daily News Winter responded to the interview on Twitter saying, “Very sad when someone chooses a public forum to reach out to someone. Also, sad when that reach out comes in the form of criticizing.”

And she wasn’t done with her mother yet. “If someone loves and cares about you, they tell you to your face and are right beside you, not on television telling everyone else,” she continued.

And it wasn’t just her mom she took aim at, Winter felt Inside Edition was at fault too. “Feeling sad for @InsideEdition that they have nothing else to report on, and that they feel the need to allow a mother to bash her daughter,” the Modern Family star wrote.

Tell us! Do you think Ariel Winter “craves attention” or is her mother the one who wants attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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