In Bombshell Memoir, Roloff Patriarch Admits To Cocaine Addiction, Experimenting With Drugs

He’s come a long way since his troubled past, but it turns out that Matt Roloff hasn’t always been the tame businessman we see on Little People Big World.

Though being part of a reality show usually airs everyone’s dirty laundry, Roloff left a huge part of his past to explain in his explosive memoir Against Tall Odds: Being A David In A Goliath World. In the book, Matt comes clean about his troubled past with drugs and addiction.

According to Radar Online, the father of four admits to experimenting with drugs for a “short time” in his life. On the show, Amy has often said when Matt gets something in his head, he just does it. Perhaps that was the same mentality with his drug issues in the ’80s.

“I never thought I’d be someone who used drugs, but it happened. I thought I could just try it and get out of it, but I was wrong. It caught me like a bear trap. I almost didn’t escape,” a passage from the book says.

Roloff goes on to say that he tried multiple different drugs throughout his “experiment phase” and tells readers that he was stupid enough to “go a little further” than he knew he should have. Not only that, but the reality star confesses that the drugs also landed him in deep debt.

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“I don’t know if the drugs were harder on my body than they would be on an average-sized person’s, but I know that I was taking a huge risk by using them,” he said in the tell-all after revealing that he knew the drugs were dangerous to his health and that they had terrible side effects on him.

It wasn’t an easy road to come off the drugs, but Matt attributes multiple things to helping him get past his addiction. Not only did Roloff turn to God in his time of need by spending “hours praying,” he also leaned on family and his ex-girlfriend during the troubled time, even quitting his job to start fresh. To get out of debt from the drugs, Matt’s grandmother managed his money until he was able to get back on his feet.

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Fans who purchased and reviewed Roloff’s 1999 memoir on Amazon had plenty of positive things to say about the book and many also thanked Matt for being so candid on his journey to get to where he is today.

“Matt Roloff is a great role model for young ones who are struggling to find their way in life despite physical differences,” one fan of the memoir wrote.

Aside from his drug use before his marriage to Amy, fans may recall that the Little People Big World star was arrested in 2007 for driving under the influence. Fox News reported that Roloff was pulled over and failed a sobriety test. He then refused a breathalyzer test, causing him to be booked in jail and later released. Reality TV World later reported that the famous father was found not guilty after going on trial.

Does this new information make you see the LPBW star in a different light or do you think the past is the past and let it go?

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