Phil Reichardt’s 1967 Camaro RS/SS Nitrous Dragster And The Secrets Of Nitrous Oxide

Phil Reichardt and his 1967 Camaro RS/SS are the current MX235 points leaders and performance front-runners in 8.5-inch radial tire classification of drag racing. Reichardt and his nitrous Camaro are longtime veterans of the drag-strip with a 23-year history together.

Phil Reichardt bought his 1967 nitrous Camaro RS/SS from a friend after a drag race. Riechadt told Dragzine how it happened.

“I got the Camaro in a trade for a ’69 Ford F100 pickup truck. A friend had it, and we both went to the racetrack, he raced his and I raced mine, and the Camaro ran like a 15.8 and my truck went a 15.1.”

After Phil Reichardt’s Ford F100 pickup beat the Camaro RS/SS, his friend had enough. Phil Reichardt told Dragzine made an even trade for Reichardt’s fast Ford F100 pickup.

“He wanted something that was almost done, and my truck was, and so we traded straight up. I was young, and I really wanted a Camaro. My cousin went with me to look at it and he said, “yeah, you need to do that.’ “

Phil Reichardt’s 1967 nitrous Camaro RS/SS features a 434 cubic-inch small-block Chevrolet engine, built by Doug Albietz of AMT Racing Engines. The engine has nine-degree Dart cylinder heads and Ross pistons. The Chevy is also equipped with a Davinci 45oo Dominator carburetor, and an Edelbrock intake, fitted with a secret weapon.

Today, this 1967 Camaro RS/SS and Phil Reichardt are a bit codependent after 23 years. This Chevy is injected with nitrous oxide, which feeds Phil Reichardt’s need for speed on the drag-strip.

When nitrous oxide is injected into the Edelbrock intake of Phil Reichardt’s 1967 RS/SS Camaro, or any other car, it adds concentrated oxygen to the fuel mix, enabling the car to utilize more fuel, more efficiently. The extra fuel used increases the horsepower considerably according to IC Engineering.

Phil Reichardt is not alone in feeding his Camaro nitrous oxide. Many fifth generation Camaros are getting 900 to 1000 horsepower by using a nitrous oxide injection kit. This can be scary, see the video below.

Nitrous oxide is not flammable according to IC Engineering unless it is combined with fuel. The nitrous oxide doesn’t burn, but the gas burns much more powerfully when mixed with nitrous. Nitrous oxide has been part of drag racing since the 1970s.

So how does Phil Reichardt stay competitive with 3,260 pounds of solid steel, while running against the 2,600 fifth generation Camaro lightweights? He doesn’t. Phil’s Chevy doesn’t weigh that much anymore.

Phil Reichardt admits his 1967 nitrous Camaro RS/SS was “rough” when he first bought it. Since then Phil has worked to increase the horsepower and speed.

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Yes, Phil Reichardt stripped his vintage 1967 Camaro RS/SS down to the shell and replaced the doors and a few other stock parts with fiberglass. This nitrous Camaro even has a carbon fiber driveshaft now.

Phil Reichardt also replaced the roll cage with a 25.2 spec Jungle Gym. Reichardt’s extreme auto weight loss program made the nitrous Camaro 5oo pounds lighter. Phil told Dragzine it was a learning experience.

“We have learned so much throughout this last build. What it takes to play at the next level of racing where we are today. So much thought has to go into everything for it to all come together.”

Nitrous Oxide Canister [Image by StockVector/Shutterstock]


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Phil Reichardt’s 1967 Camaro RS/SS is lean mean and on nitrous oxide.

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