‘Dragon Ball Super’ Ep. 109-110 Synopsis Spoilers: Genki Dama Technique Does Nothing On Jiren

The Dragon Ball Super special is set to start the month of October with a bang and fans will be treated with more than just the hero Goku’s much-anticipated new transformation.

Exciting new details about the one-hour special, which will air Episode 109 and 110 back to back, has been revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, teasing the possibility that Goku may have found a fighter that’s stronger than him.

According to a translation provided by the ever-reliable Dragon Ball tipster Todd Blankenship, Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 is titled “The Strongest Enemy Zeroes in on Goku! Now’s the Time to Fire! The Surefire Genki Dama!”

Episode 110 hypes up the battle as the biggest and most supercharged in the tournament with the title “This is the No. 1 Ultimate Battle in the Omni-Verse! Son Goku vs Jiren!!”

As the title of the first hour of the special suggests, fans will see once again a technique that has not been seen in the small screen universe of Dragon Ball for a while now, at least not significantly and explicitly.

The Genki Dama, which is also known as the Spirit Bomb, is deemed as the strongest attack anyone can ever deploy in the Dragon Ball series, which is why it takes everything a user got and everyone around him to pull off.

A screenshot of Goku from 'Dragon Ball Super'
Jiren is stronger than Goku anticipated in the ‘Dragon Ball Super’ special [Image by Toei Animation]

The user will need to accumulate insane amounts of energy from surrounding life forms and even inanimate objects, which he will then manipulate into a massive sphere of unimaginable power. Apart from this, the user must have a pure heart to perform the Genki Dama or else it could backfire.

This illustrates the amount of power that Jiren has. Clearly, the strongest member of the Universe 11 team is so redoubtable that the Universe 7 hero would feel the need to use the Spirit Bomb and it sounds like Jiren is not even trying yet. As per the Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 synopsis:

Universe 11’s Jiren has remained silent up until now, but he finally enters the fray! Merely by rousing himself to fight, this formidable foe gives off a fearsomely intimidating air, and challenges Goku to one-on-one combat.

More importantly, the Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 summary also teases that even in his Super Saiyan Blue form, Goku barely hurts his opponent. This is what pushes him to charge up the Genki Dama, but the synopsis teases that even after being hit by it, Jiren “still seems to have power to spare.”

This suggests that even with this amount of energy he is taking, the Universe 11 fighter seems to be unfazed, which makes him one of the most intimidating individuals Goku has ever faced in Dragon Ball history and he has fought a lot of tough opponents.

It looks like Jiren’s unexpected level of power will push Goku to the limits that will ultimately lead him to unlock his much-awaited new power-up, which is being teased as the biggest shock fans will get to see in the entire franchise.

Has the hero finally met his match? Viewers will find out when Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 airs Sunday, Oct. 8 on Fuji TV.


[Featured Image by Toei Animation]

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