Brad Pitt Reportedly Concerned As Angelina Jolie Fails To Provide Education For Children Amid Divorce Battle

Brad Pitt is under the impression that his six children are not getting the right education they need to succeed in life and allegedly blames Angelina Jolie for it.

Since the couple’s split last September, In Touch claims that Brad Pitt has noticed a pattern of where his children have found a way to manipulate their learning instructors, especially since they are being taught at home.

Now that Brad is no longer sharing a roof with his soon-to-be ex-wife, it’s believed that the actor feels as if his kids find ways to manipulate situations in their favor to get out of doing homework set by their teachers.

A source tells the publication that Brad Pitt is desperately hoping to put all six children in a private school, one that’s far away from their Los Feliz home because he wants them to be in a learning environment and take education seriously.

It’s been said in the past that Jolie allegedly lets her kids have quite the freedom when it comes to their lives, and that may also be the case when it comes to studying and reading books as part of their coursework.

Brad is deeply concerned because when he was still living with Angelina, education was one of the things he also pushed the children to be great in — above anything, they should be learning and not feel privileged enough to think they don’t need to be taught anything in life.

Brad Pitt is having a hard time monitoring his kids and the amount of time they spent with their teachers at home, but according to sources, the Hollywood star will enforce some sort of agreement with a judge after the custody battle has been finalized.

Brad is very keen on education for his children, so whatever the outcome is regarding the custodial rights of all six kids, he will want them to be attending a private school, insisting that being taught from home is a way for the children to manipulate their mother into not doing what they are supposed to.

Brad Pitt and Angelina have yet to finalize their divorce, with sources saying they are on much better terms these days.

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