Jane Fonda Explains The Awkwardness Of Megyn Kelly’s Plastic Surgery Question

On September 27, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford visited Megyn Kelly Today in order to talk about their new movie Our Souls at Night. During the sit down interview, Megyn Kelly began asking Fonda questions about her looks, including about her past plastic surgery. These questions led to a rather awkward moment, in which the actress had to basically remind the talk show host that she was there with Robert Redford to talk about their new movie.

According to Us Weekly, later in the day, while continuing their circuit of television interviews, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford actually opened up about the earlier awkwardness with Megyn Kelly, and shared their thoughts on that line of questioning. In fact, Fonda made it clear that she was actually shocked by the question from Kelly.

Although Jane Fonda was able to shut down Megyn Kelly’s plastic surgery question and divert attention back to Our Souls at Night, while speaking to ET Canada about the encounter, the actress said she felt like it was a weird thing to bring up, especially with Robert Redford sitting there with her and not much time to talk anyway. As the actress pointed out, whether or not she has had plastic surgery, this interview was not the time to have the discussion, plus Fonda shared that she has already talked about the work she has had done in the past.

While Jane Fonda explained that she thought that it, “seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question,” Robert Redford also weighed in on what happened on Megyn Kelly Today. The actor first admitted that the line of questioning “didn’t involve me,” while also laughing and saying that he “wasn’t paying a lot of attention.” However, he then went on to say that he did not think that Fonda wanted to get into anything about plastic surgery, and that he felt that she did not want to “have the show turn into about her, her surgery or her look.” Instead, Redford said the interview was supposed to be all about the “quality of the performance” in Our Souls at Night.

On social media, many people weighed-in on the Jane Fonda interview with Megyn Kelly, and found the line of questioning to be awkward and inappropriate. As the story made the rounds on social media, many people praised Fonda for how she handled the question and the way she turned the interview back towards the work she did with Robert Redford. Some Twitter users even asked why Kelly only asked Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery past, and did not in turn ask Redford if he had ever had plastic surgery.

Although it is clear that social media and Jane Fonda were less than impressed with the awkward plastic surgery questions on Megyn Kelly Today, this did not stop people from talking about the real reason the interview took place to begin with, the upcoming release of Our Souls at Night. For fans of Fonda and Robert Redford looking to see these two together again, the new movie releases on September 29.

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